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What Are the Different Types of Kinect® Compatible Games?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

There are many different types of Kinect® compatible games, though most of them can be easily categorized into one of several gaming genres. Some of the most popular and common games for the Kinect® are dancing games in which the Kinect® device tracks players’ movements for accuracy in matching prompts made by the game. There are also puzzle games in which the player has to use his or her body to manipulate and solve puzzles in a virtual space. Other types of Kinect® compatible games include third-person and first-person games in which the player controls a virtual character through racing or adventure themed environments.

Kinect® compatible games are those games being made for the Xbox 360® gaming console that utilize the Kinect® device. This device includes a microphone and camera that can be used together for both speech recognition and motion tracking and control. Kinect® compatible games are typically designed to utilize voice and motion control inputs to allow players to control these games with their bodies and voices.

Two young boys
Two young boys

Some common and popular Kinect® compatible games are those designed as rhythm-based or dancing games. These games typically play music and provide video on screen that shows the different types of dance moves players need to perform along with the music. The Kinect® device tracks the movements of players and gives them a score based on how accurately they dance along with the onscreen characters. Such games are often meant for parties and groups of players to enjoy together as they compete for the highest score.

There are also a number of Kinect® compatible games developed as puzzle solving games. These utilize the motion control and voice input to allow players to manipulate and solve puzzles in a three-dimensional (3D) virtual space. Such games can include aspects of rhythm games, as players have to move in certain ways and provide vocal feedback to solve these puzzles. There are also a number of sports games in which the player uses physical movements to control a character in various sporting events.

A number of Kinect® compatible games are being developed much like other types of adventure or racing games, in which player control is done through physical actions rather than controller inputs. Adventure games, for example, may track player movements to have on-screen characters move in a similar way. This can be done to allow characters to attack enemies in games with weapons, magical powers, and other special attacks based on the player's movements.

Some racing games have also been developed that use Kinect® motion controls rather than a standard controller. These Kinect® compatible games typically allow the player to pretend that he or she is holding a steering wheel and control a car through physical movements. Such games can even allow players to use their bodies to adjust the accelerator and breaks for their virtual vehicles.

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@Vincenzo -- that was always the intriguing thing about the Kinect. People came up with uses for it that you just know Microsoft didn't anticipate when developing the Kinect. Using the Kinect with an exercise or dance program seems obvious, but how about using the accessory in conjunction with a telescope? That has been done with a Kinect and there are more examples of how it has been used in very unique ways.


Dance games have sold well, but the fitness genre has also proven very popular for the Kinect accessory. Those are fascinating because the Kinect allows the game to "see" what the exerciser is doing and give the user feedback as to whether the exercise is being done correctly. The game will then give instructions and feedback.

It is quite fascinating when you think about it. People can get in a workout without leaving the house with some of those programs and they rather blur the line between games and programs that can actually be very useful.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys