What Are the Different Types of Kids' Christmas Desserts?

B. Miller

There are many different types of kids' Christmas desserts that are festive and fun, and some that kids can even help to make. Some of the most popular types of kids' Christmas desserts are cakes, cookies, and pies. There are also different pudding options, or those made with gelatin, which is fun and easy as well. There are abundant recipes to be found by searching online, many with fun customization options; for instance, making and decorating cookies to look like snowmen or candy canes, or making cupcakes to look like reindeer. There are virtually limitless options for those with a little time to put in.

Sugar cookies are a great holiday favorite as they can be shaped into almost anything.
Sugar cookies are a great holiday favorite as they can be shaped into almost anything.

Some of the best kids' Christmas desserts are those that kids can actually help make. Sugar cookies, for instance, are typically a pretty easy recipe when a parent can help, and can then be cut into fun shapes using cookie cutters. Gingerbread cookies are also crowd pleasers, though these are a bit more challenging to make initially. After they are baked, they are equally fun to decorate with sprinkles or frosting. Even if it is more difficult for kids to participate in making certain recipes, such as cakes or cupcakes, they are still fun to decorate together using festive ingredients.

Fruit cake is popular around Christmas time.
Fruit cake is popular around Christmas time.

Cakes, cupcakes, and pies are some of the most popular kids' Christmas desserts, whether the kids participate in the baking or not. They can be made in many different flavors, and are enjoyed by kids -- and adults -- of all ages. For a particularly festive dessert, cakes can be made into certain shapes, some with relative ease. For instance, a snowman cake can be made by using three different circular cake pans of graduated sizes, and then simply decorated with white frosting and candies. A candy cane cake is similarly easy to make, and just requires some cutting of a sheet cake. Kids will love these festive designs.

Gingerbread cookies are popular during the holidays.
Gingerbread cookies are popular during the holidays.

Other desserts such as different types of pudding or gelatin treats can be good kids' Christmas desserts as well. Pudding is simple to make and enjoyed by even picky kids, as are different types of flavored gelatin. Gelatin treats can even be made into fun shapes using cookie cutters, which kids tend to enjoy as well. With a little effort and creativity, however, there is no limit to the amount of fun Christmas desserts that can be prepared and served at holiday parties for people of all ages.

Cupcakes are popular kids' Christmas desserts.
Cupcakes are popular kids' Christmas desserts.

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@bluedlophin-- My sister-in-law had these great mini caramel apples for Christmas last year. She put sticks through small apples, dipped them in caramel and decorated the top with sprinkles. They were a hit with the kids and the adults. And they're definitely healthier than some other Christmas treat alternatives.

You can also use fruit to make desserts like strawberry Santa Claus. You just have to cut the top of the strawberry, put whipped cream in between and a small dot of whipped cream on top (that's the hat.) It's super easy, healthy and fun.

Popcorn treats also work very well with kids. You can either shape them into balls using melted marshmallow or make a snack mix with popcorn and a little bit of Christmas candy chocolates. There are actually so many options. Imagination is the limit.


I want to make something different for the kids this year. It would actually be nice if both kids and adults would enjoy the treats equally. So I don't want to just stick to candy and cookies like I usually do. I usually make gingerbread cookies, fudge and/or cake every year. But this year I want to surprise everyone and make the treats a little healthier too if I can. I'm sure I can find something that's both tasty, great looking and beneficial.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Cereal treats are always a hit with the kids at Christmas time. I make sure to include candies with Christmas colors for the holiday theme. My grandchildren always look forward to these. Anything shaped like snowman usually makes them happy too. Sometimes I make snowman cookies and sometimes snowman cupcakes. Decoration is easy with white frosting, marshmallows and sprinkles.

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