What Are the Different Types of IT Manager Qualifications?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella
IT managers must be able to manage employees.
IT managers must be able to manage employees.

An information technology (IT) manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations involving computer systems, Internet applications and communications devices. IT manager qualifications vary between employers but most people employed in this role have completed some kind of an undergraduate college degree. Additionally, as with most managerial roles, firms usually hire managers who have prior industry related experience.

Software developers, communications companies and other IT firms employ large numbers of departmental managers each of whom is responsible for managing one aspect of the firm's operations. IT manager qualifications may include job specific academic credentials such as an undergraduate degree in computer science, or completion of a more general industry related course such as an IT degree. Companies working within other sectors of industry also hire IT managers although these individuals are normally tasked with managing technical support employees and communication systems rather than people engaged in developing or designing new software or technology. Therefore, these firms often appoint individuals with undergraduate degrees into managerial roles while some IT firms also require job applicants to have completed postgraduate degree programs.

Aside from having a knowledge of communication systems and software, an IT manager must also be able to manage personnel and in many instances, managers are responsible for hiring, coaching and firing workers. Consequently, IT manager qualifications as listed in job postings may include a business administration or management degree. People who lack management related academic credentials are sometimes required to attend short-term management training courses that are offered by many community colleges.

While some companies buy commonly used types of software and computer programs, other firms contract IT firms to develop software that is tailored to the firm's specific needs. Many firms prefer to promote employees from within to ensure that management level employees are familiar with the firm's operating systems. In some instances, IT manager qualifications as listed on internal job postings include a minimum number of years of in-house service. Other companies rely on generic software and computer technology, in which case applicants for managerial roles may have to have knowledge of such systems.

Some firms outsource IT operations to foreign nations where wages and operating costs are lower. Foreign-based workers applying for managerial roles are required to have the same kind of academic credentials as domestic workers but these individuals must also have second language skills. Some companies require foreign workers to have taken a language degree program while other firms subject these job applicants to a written or verbal language test.

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    • IT managers must be able to manage employees.
      By: Gianluca Rasile
      IT managers must be able to manage employees.