What Are the Different Types of Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Alex Newth

Enrolling in insurance affiliate programs is one way to make money from insurance companies without having to create or maintain an insurance company. The different insurance affiliate programs have different topics and payout terms, may or may not pay after the initial payment, and may require a website. Picking the right insurance affiliate program will make it easier to gain money from the program and will also make it easier to attract customers. Insurance affiliate programs know when an affiliate makes a sale by giving him or her a special code that, when clicked, tells the company which affiliate made the sale.

Making a website that targets a specific type of insurance, such as dental insurance, will make it easier to rank in search engines.
Making a website that targets a specific type of insurance, such as dental insurance, will make it easier to rank in search engines.

The first aspect to consider when choosing an insurance affiliate program is the topic, or type of insurance. While it is possible to market general insurance, people often are looking for specific insurance such as dental insurance or health insurance. Making a website or committing to offline marketing that targets a specific type of insurance rather than all of them will make it easier to rank in search engines and the marketing attempts will look more authoritative. Affiliate program terms are generally not governed by the type of insurance but by the company offering the affiliate program.

Payout terms will differ among insurance companies. Most of the time, insurance companies will either pay for leads, sales or both. A lead is when someone goes to the insurance website and fills out a form for more information. A sale is when someone commits to buying insurance from the company. Some companies pay a flat fee for a lead or sale, while others will pay a percentage based on the cost of the insurance.

Most insurance companies will pay an affiliate one time per customer and that will be the end of payment related to that customer. Others may pay the affiliate each month, every three months, or once a year if the customer is still an active member of the insurance program. These insurance affiliate programs are rare but help create residual income for the affiliate.

Affiliate marketing, for insurance or any other topic, is generally done on websites. This is why most insurance affiliate programs demand that an affiliate have an active website to ensure the insurance company will yield sales by accepting the affiliate. Some programs do not require a website and allow an affiliate to commit exclusively to offline marketing. The insurance company will generally give these affiliates a special website address to offer to customers seeking more information.

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