What Are the Different Types of Ice Cream Store Supplies?

Andrew Kirmayer

A successful ice cream business is generally dependent on having various types of equipment to make and sell the product. Making ice cream typically requires machines such as mixers and dispensers, or devices that can perform multiple functions. Other ice cream store supplies can include freezers and merchandisers, cone dispensers, blenders, and scales. Selling ice cream usually requires dishes and bowls, as well as scoops, cones, and displays for various toppings, which often set the mood for customers. The combined set of supplies can be quite expensive, but a successful ice cream parlor may bring in a profit when all of the equipment works properly and produces good deserts.

An ice cream cone.
An ice cream cone.

Freezers are generally the most substantial, and usually the most expensive, of ice cream store supplies. These can be batch freezers that keep large quantities of product at high quality; they often hold single flavors of ice cream that can last throughout a work shift. Other kinds often include storage chest style freezers that allow customers to pick out their own flavors or products by sliding the glass panels. Refrigerated upright versions can serve the same purpose, depending on the space available and the type of store. There are also upright storage freezers that can keep products fresh behind the counter until they are served.

Ice cream stores use scoops to dispense hard-serve ice cream.
Ice cream stores use scoops to dispense hard-serve ice cream.

Some businesses may include products such as frozen drinks, and there are machines for making and dispensing these as well. A basic kind sometimes makes just one kind of beverage, but others can be suitable for making and storing multiple mixes. The equipment used to make ice cream, however, is diversified and one way to expand is to get a dipping cabinet. Freezers and heaters can be included as well as containers for various ingredients, so such ice cream store supplies often help serve customers more varieties of product.

An ice cream parlor may also want devices that can serve hot toppings. Some of these include water heaters and a dispensing mechanism, while different capacities and numbers of chambers might be featured on certain ones. Cone makers and dispensers, as well as waffle irons, can also be included in an ice cream store’s itinerary. The dishes, scoops, spoons, and even the disposable plastic utensils are usually essential ice cream store supplies as well.

Many ice cream stores offer more to customers, so they use fryers, griddles, and even hot dog cookers in their businesses. There are also different types of ice cream store supplies for making pretzels, nachos, popcorn, and even cotton candy. If there is room, larger stores might also purchase seating such as booths, chairs, and tables.

Ice cream store supplies should include ice cream toppings.
Ice cream store supplies should include ice cream toppings.

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