What Are the Different Types of Ice Cream Party Invitations?

B. Turner
B. Turner
A scoop of ice cream.
A scoop of ice cream.

Ice cream parties are a popular way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or other major event. These parties can be held at ice cream parlors or at home, and generally are a fun, low-cost way to celebrate. The excitement of an ice cream party often begins with choosing the invitations and decor. Ice cream party invitations come in many varieties, including pre-printed units and versions that can be printed at home using a computer. Others are custom made at print shops and stationary stores, and some people even send electronic ice cream party invitations instead of traditional paper ones.

Ice cream birthday parties often include cake.
Ice cream birthday parties often include cake.

Boxed cards are the least expensive type of ice cream party invitations. These cards are pre-printed with colorful images, including ice cream-related graphics. Most feature a simple fill-in-the-blank format, where party hosts simply add the date, time, and other pertinent party information. These invitations can take the form of folded cards or simple one-sided postcards, and some are cut into fun shapes and patterns.

For a slightly more personal touch, buyers can look for printable ice cream party invitations. These cards come pre-packed, and include either cards and envelopes or postcards. The invitations are pre-printed with graphics, and may be embossed or otherwise decorated to create a fun, festive look. The party host feeds the invitations into a home printer, then uses a simple template to add customized information about the party. Printable, or print-at-home ice cream party invitations cost more than fill-in ones, but also offer a higher-quality finish and a greater degree of flexibility in terms of content.

Custom made ice cream party invitations offer the ultimate level of customization. Party hosts order these cards or postcards at print shops and stationary stores. These invitations allow the host to choose everything from the color and weight of the paper to the size and style of the font. They also make it easier to add personal photographs or custom designs and drawings. While custom-made ice cream party invitations offer the highest degree of quality and flexibility, they also come with the highest price tag and can take weeks to prepare.

To save money on postage, some party hosts skip paper cards and instead rely on electronic ice cream party invitations. They can be generated using free online templates designed to work with most word processing programs. Some allow users to add their own photographs or graphics, while others require only that the user add basic party information. These invitations can then be saved and emailed to guests.

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@clintflint - I would remember to put on the invitations how people can let the host know if they have any specific allergies or food preferences. And try to make sure you have some ice-cream appropriate for everyone there. There must be nothing worse than being invited to an ice-cream party and not being able to eat any of the food!


@KoiwiGal - In that case you might as well make them yourself. If they are invitations for a child's birthday party, I'd get them to make the invitations. Just buy them a bunch of pastel card and appropriately themed stickers, or stencils or whatever else. If the child is old enough, let them loose in a craft store and see what they find (although I would set a price limit first, as some of the fancier card-making accessories can get fairly pricey).

If it's for adults, then think about different kinds of invitations. If it's a vintage ice-cream shop feel you're going for, then get an ice-cream stamp and different kinds of ink (you can even get glitter ink these days). If you can't find ice-cream specifically, you can probably find examples of different flavors, like banana.


If you're looking for something unique I would check out the handmade items you can find around the internet. They are usually fairly cheap for what you get and often they will personalize them for you as well.

Otherwise I think it might be difficult to find a wide variety of invitations specifically for an ice-cream party, and when I think about the number of ways that you could dress up the invitations, that's a real shame.

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    • A scoop of ice cream.
      By: M.studio
      A scoop of ice cream.
    • Ice cream birthday parties often include cake.
      By: detailblick.
      Ice cream birthday parties often include cake.