What Are the Different Types of Ice Cream Decorations?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano
Gummy bears are a popular ice cream topping.
Gummy bears are a popular ice cream topping.

There are various types of ice cream decorations ranging from small tissue paper centerpieces to large ice cream themed murals. Honeycomb tissue decorations in the form of ice cream cones are delicate but easy to store. Large balloons are ideal for parties or grand openings of ice cream themed businesses. Ornaments aren't just for Christmas; they can be used as decorations year-round. Photos and murals are art options for any party or business that's selling the creamy cool dessert.

Ice cream decorations in the form of honeycomb tissue paper sundaes or ice cream cones typically come in two versions — a centerpiece with a flat bottom or attached to a string so they can hang. The centerpieces are ideal for parties while both versions are good options for an ice cream parlor. The tissue paper is delicate, but the decorations easily fold closed so they can be put away without ripping and wrinkling.

Using ice cream themed balloons is a way to add extra color to a party space or quickly fill in undecorated areas. One type of balloon comes in the form of an ice cream cone, another is round with images on it of ice cream cones or sundaes. They range in size from small balloons on a stick to extra large balloons that take up quite a bit of space.

Although many think of using ornaments only for Christmas, they can be used year-round as small ice cream decorations that don't take up a lot of space. They come in various forms including ice cream cones, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream bars. Hang the ornaments from pull chains on ceiling fans, on drawer pulls, or even stand them on a flat surface near the cash register. Due to their small size, they're good options to use in any ice cream themed business. During Christmas, the businesses can decorate a Christmas tree with them as well.

Incorporating artwork is a way to decorate ice cream themed businesses without using up a lot of space. An ice cream truck can have a mural painted on the outside of it that includes large sundaes, giant scoops of ice cream, gummy bears, and sprinkles. Ice cream parlors and manufacturers can have large murals painted on the interior of the business. Some of the least expensive ice cream decorations include hanging framed color photos of sundaes and ice cream cones or putting up similarly themed posters.

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For the most part, I like using ice cream decorations around the Holidays. Desserts play a rather large role during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and using these flyers really enhances that Holiday cheer for me.


@Chmander - While you do make a good point, the article is discussing ice cream decorations in a different sense. In other words, the kinds of decorations that you would use at a party or celebration. However, I can certainly see where you're coming from. My guess is that the article gave you several perspectives on ice cream decorations. On one hand, they can be used at a party to show off, and they're completely inedible. On the other hand, there are also decorations you can put on top of your ice cream, which really enhances the flavor. Either way, both work perfectly.


Whether it's edible or inedible, ice cream decorations really show how much variety the dessert has. In fact, you can even consider ice cream to be a "prize" in itself. For example, let's say you go to a nearby ice cream shop, and you order a plain bowl of vanilla ice cream. While this may bore some people, there's a lot more variety than they think. From chocolate syrup, to bananas and even cherries, the results are pretty much endless. In fact, when you really think about it, a banana split is just plain old vanilla that's dressed up to look fancy.

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    • Gummy bears are a popular ice cream topping.
      By: pedrolieb
      Gummy bears are a popular ice cream topping.