What are the Different Types of Hot Tub Tops?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards
Hot tub tops are vital for keeping debris out of the tub.
Hot tub tops are vital for keeping debris out of the tub.

Hot tub covers serve many functions, including keeping litter out of the hot tub. There are a number of hot tub tops available, and choosing one can be a bit overwhelming, as they come in a variety of colors and styles. Some soft hot tub tops are made to simply roll off the top of the hot tub, while others are made to stretch over it. Hard spa covers are a little bulkier and harder to maneuver, but will usually last much longer than other types of tops and covers.

Soft, rolling hot tub tops are usually considered to be the easiest type to use. These types of tops are typically made from polyurethane foam laid over a number of slats. The ends of the slats fit on top of the edges of the hot top for support. When the hot tub is being used, rolling covers can easily be rolled up and set aside.

Tonneau hot tub covers resemble a tarp, and they are usually made from vinyl. These covers stretch over the top of the hot tub, and some of them are made to attach to the sides. Some of them come with an inflatable device in the center to allow the cover to sit up above the water and keep water from pooling in it. Although they are often one of the least expensive options, many of them are not considered to be safe for use around small children or pets, who can climb on top and possibly drown.

Seasonal hot tub covers are a little different from the other soft hot tub tops. These types cover not just the top, but the whole hot tub. They are designed for hot tubs that are outside in areas with cold weather and snow. Seasonal covers help keep snow out of the tub, which can thaw. Many of them also help prevent water from pooling on top and freezing.

Hard hot tub tops are generally more expensive and harder to use than most of the other hot tub tops on the market. They are, though, considered to be the most durable, longest lasting, and safest for children and pets. Since they are usually made from aluminum, they are somewhat heavy and awkward for just one person to move, but many of these tops have a hinge in the middle. This allows easy access to just one half of the hot tub when only one person wishes to use it.

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    • Hot tub tops are vital for keeping debris out of the tub.
      By: emf_images
      Hot tub tops are vital for keeping debris out of the tub.