What Are the Different Types of Home Theater Carpet?

Emily Espinoza

The different types of home theater carpet are movie themed prints, geometric or abstract prints, and prints of various other themes. No matter what the print is, home theater carpet is typically a very low pile carpet with dark base colors. These characteristics allow it to stand up to a lot of traffic as well as food and drink spills. The most popular thing about it, though, may be that it resembles the carpet used in actual movie theaters. Using carpet that is so similar to the commercial carpet gives homeowners more of a professional theater style in their home theater and a real feeling of going to the movies at home.

A Blu-ray® player for a home theater.
A Blu-ray® player for a home theater.

Movie themes are very popular for home theater carpets and can depict a number of different iconic movie images. Many carpets feature brightly colored buckets of popcorn, clapper boards, and swirling streamers. A more neutral color palette is sometimes used with this theme as well and might feature faint overlapping movie reels or a square pattern of "admit one" movie tickets. Stars are often associated with the movies and might also be used on a movie-themed carpet, either by themselves or as part of one of the busier patterns. This type of home theater carpet is probably enjoyed most by movie fanatics who want a festive or light-hearted theme that matches the purpose of the room.

Low-pile carpet is typically used in home theaters.
Low-pile carpet is typically used in home theaters.

For consumers looking for home theater carpet that is less thematic, various geometric or abstract patterns are available. These carpets can be quite colorful or neutral and subdued. Sometimes they have very structured lines and patterns, but they might also have flowing abstract designs. The style and look that a geometric pattern gives to a room will vary greatly depending on the colors and shapes used, so this type of carpet works for many different rooms.

Home theater carpet can also be used in rooms that have more than one purpose and may have themes other than movies. For example, one large room in a home might be used as a media center as well as a game room or a sports watching center. Consumers who have rooms that they use this way often enjoy having a carpet with a sports or game theme. Available designs might include logos from sports teams or items that represent a favorite game such as poker. Other options that are more stylized and might appeal to someone who really wants something different are animal prints or fluorescent colors that glow under black light.

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