What are the Different Types of Hoist Fitness Equipment?

Matthew F.
Matthew F.
Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Hoist Fitness Systems is among the top sellers in home gym and public and private gym equipment. The equipment is known for its quality and diversity, and features a simple structure that is lighter and more versatile than similar piece of equipment. The different types of Hoist Fitness equipment include mostly large pieces that offer full body workouts, including benches, Smith machines, racks, and stands with cords and cables.

Colored mostly white or black, Hoist Fitness equipment features the standard pads and seats that can be found on similar pieces. The company even combines different racks and benches to offer two- or three-in-one pieces of equipment. Some of the standard types of Hoist Fitness equipment include the Hoist Fitness Tree Dip Ab Pull Up, the HF-4970 Squat Rack, and the V-Express Gym.

The Tree Dip Ab Pull Up combines the handles that are often used for dips and leg raises with a hanging leg bar and a pull-up bar. The weight is positioned evenly across the piece to allow for hanging from the back of the tree by the back of the knees. Users can also lean on the front during dips or leg raises.

The squat rack is another popular piece of Hoist Fitness equipment and features a four-legged stand with six hooks to rest a straight bar on. This rack can be used for squats, bench presses, or most other full-body presses. It also allows a user to lift weight all the way over his head for shoulder presses, or all the way to the floor for dead lifts.

The V-Express is a full body exercise machine. This piece of Hoist Fitness equipment offers an accessory rack and a stand that takes up minimal floor space. It includes an adjustable pivoting back and a leg rack for leg curls, leg extensions, and a number of pulley exercises.

Hoist Fitness equipment is available for both home and commercial gyms. The three pieces mentioned can by themselves comprise an entire home gym. The V-Express offers a complete upper body workout, the squat rack offers a full body lifting workout, and the ab tree provides a core workout for a synergistic routine that supplements the other pieces of the Hoist Fitness equipment.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising