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What Are the Different Types of Handprint Crafts?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Crafts that children make for the people they love are adorable and often linger as keepsakes long after a child has grown. Handprint crafts are some of the more popular varieties, from the plaster handprint that captures the child’s tiny hand for years to come, to paper crafts that turn handprints into cute images like hearts or holiday icons. There are many varieties of handprint crafts and most are fairly simple to make.

Several types of handprint crafts can be made from items you probably already have around the house. You may need a few extra supplies but you can start with basic paper crafts and move on to more elaborate options. Construction paper works well as does cardstock. As you begin to experiment with other ideas, you can use up leftover fabrics from other projects.

Making paper turkeys is a popular Thanksgiving craft.
Making paper turkeys is a popular Thanksgiving craft.

For Thanksgiving, try turkey handprint crafts. The simplest one is to cut handprints from different colored pieces of felt or construction paper. Use brown for the turkey’s body with the thumb area as the turkey’s face. Glue on colored handprints behind the brown fingers to make tail feathers. Add eyes, a beak, and wattle to the face. If you’d like to make a hanging decoration, glue the finished turkey to a paper plate, decorate the edges, and add a ribbon to the back for hanging.

For Christmas, you can trace or have the child trace his or her hand on a piece of green felt. Cut out several patterns for this simple handprint project. Lay the green felt handprints on the work surface, overlapping them a bit until you form a circle. The fingertips should be pointing upward. Attach each piece to the next, and allow the glue to dry. You now have a cute wreath that makes a great homemade Christmas decoration, and you can decorate it with red ribbons or bits of red felt, sequins, or anything you like.

Other holidays can be remembered with handprint crafts as well, and one idea is to form a heart from cutout handprints for Valentine’s Day. Red on a white or pink background looks nice, but you can also alternate the color of the handprints such as making every other one red and filling in with pink. Another option is to use a background that is just a slightly different shade from the cutouts. A fun idea is to make an over-sized greeting card from this craft.

Handprint crafts are fun to make and usually well-received by loved ones, and the handprint T-shirt is no exception. Children can dip their hands in a bit of paint and make random prints on a T-shirt. Print a slogan onto iron-on transfer paper or iron on some letters to make shirts with cute sayings such as “I’m a hands-on Grandma” or “Hands down, best mom.”

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@MalakAslan - I love the stepping stone idea ! One idea I have comes from a Christmas gift our youngest daughter made in school one year.

They traced our daughter’s hand on muslin and then they mounted that piece of muslin with another plain piece of muslin in a small embroidery hoop. She did a running stitch around the outline of her handprint and stuffed it from the back with batting. (I think that technique might be called trapunto.) Then she trimmed the hoop with eyelet edging and red ribbon. So cute!!

There are so many other ideas for crafts with handprints. For Father’s Day one year our oldest daughter gathered the grandchildren and they all put their handprints on a Father’s Day tie for Grandpa. I have also seen handprints on aprons and hot pads. One of my favorite handprint crafts is still the greeting card with their handprint and a cute poem about their adorable little hands. :)


I have always loved handprint craft gifts from my children and grandchildren. One variation on the plaster hand is decorative garden stepping stones.

The shape can be round or square. In addition to making an impression of their hand with the date they can press in decorative pieces like stones or broken tile. You can purchase kits for this, but I don't see any reason why you make your own "kit."

One of my friends has a beautiful entry way garden and it is decorated with stepping stone gifts from her grandchildren. She really enjoys it and whenever the grandchildren come to visit they enjoy seeing how much they have grown. I suppose you could even do footprints, too, or both! :)

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    • Making paper turkeys is a popular Thanksgiving craft.
      By: Monkey Business
      Making paper turkeys is a popular Thanksgiving craft.