What are the Different Types of Grout Removal Tools?

Autumn Rivers

Removal of tile grout is usually a task that can be performed by the typical homeowner, as long as the correct tools are used. Fortunately, there are so many grout removal tools that most people probably already have at least one. One of the most basic solutions is to use a hammer and screwdriver together to gradually chisel away at the grout. A scraper is also helpful, though a handheld power grinder is known for doing the job a bit faster than any non-powered tool.

A hammer and chisel may be used for grout removal.
A hammer and chisel may be used for grout removal.

Most people already have both a hammer and a chisel, or even a flathead screwdriver, and these work well as basic grout removal tools. The screwdriver should be held at an angle rather than straight up and down, since tiles may be chipped if it is pounded straight down. Once some of the grout is removed, the key is to try to chip away from the existing grout, as chiseling toward it is another method that can crack the tile. Using these grout removal tools is best for those who have the time and patience to work slowly, and it means not having to go out and buy new equipment for the project.

A flathead screwdriver may be used for basic grout removal.
A flathead screwdriver may be used for basic grout removal.

Another tool that some people use for grout removal is a scraper, which is made up of steel with a small carbide tooth attached. It is meant to be carefully dragged across the grout, with the tooth aiding in digging up the material. Of course, since there is nothing to guide the scraper, it is important to be careful when dragging it as it can easily scratch or chip tile. A hammer and screwdriver are usually also needed to create an opening in the grout for this tool to work. Grout removal tools like this one are ideal for those who are good at precise, careful movements since working too quickly or sloppily with this tool can ruin tile.

Many people prefer to use grout removal tools that allow them to work quickly, such as a handheld power grinder. These usually allow users to add various attachments that are perfect for certain jobs. In fact, many power grinders have an attachment for grout removal, allowing this piece of equipment to stay centered between tiles, and at the correct angle for the job. Though this tool works fast at grinding away grout, homeowners must be careful during use since it could grind against the tile if not wielded correctly. Additionally, it has a tendency to overheat after a while.

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