What are the Different Types of Greenhouse Accessories?

T. L. Childree

Several different types of greenhouse accessories are available to enhance the growing environment inside the structure. Greenhouse heaters keep delicate plants from freezing during the winter months and are available in vented and non-vented models. Ventilation fans help control the temperature during the hot summer months and also promote pollination. Temperature gauges are greenhouse accessories that provide a way of monitoring the actual temperature inside the structure while thermostats can be used to automatically activate fans or heaters. Humidistats help to control the moisture level inside the greenhouse while artificial lighting devices can be used to supplement natural sunlight.

A propane tank, used to power a greenhouse.
A propane tank, used to power a greenhouse.

Greenhouse plants are usually delicate and require a controlled temperature during cold weather. This is especially true in climates where the temperature frequently falls below the freezing mark. Heaters are very important greenhouse accessories for cold weather and must be the appropriate size for the structure. Greenhouse heaters are typically powered by natural gas, propane, or electricity and have similar operating costs. Some of the larger models may require a form of ventilation to prevent dangerous exhaust fumes from accumulating inside the structure.

A greenhouse thermostat.
A greenhouse thermostat.

The plants in a greenhouse must also be protected from extremely hot temperatures. It is important to provide an adequate source of ventilation in the structure for optimal growing conditions. Plants also require sufficient air circulation in order to pollinate correctly. A ventilation fan is one of the most essential greenhouse accessories that can be installed in the structure. The best location for a ventilation fan is usually in the roof of the greenhouse at the opposite end from the door.

Temperature gauges are important greenhouse accessories needed to regulate the temperature inside the structure. These gauges can be mounted at strategic locations to allow precise temperature measurements of the air around sensitive plants. More sophisticated gauges utilize a remote sensor inside the structure that can be monitored from a different location. A thermostat can also be installed inside the greenhouse to monitor the air temperature. This thermostat is responsible for automatically activating the heater or ventilation fan at a certain temperature.

The humidity inside a greenhouse must be controlled to ensure a moist growing environment. A device known as a humidistat helps to control the moisture level by automatically activating a humidifier or ventilation fan when a certain humidity level is reached. Greenhouse plants also require light from across the color spectrum to grow to the proper shape, size, and color. Artificial lighting is sometimes needed at particular times of the year to supplement natural sunlight. Greenhouse lighting is available in many forms, and a combination of lights is usually necessary to cover the entire light spectrum.

Heaters, ventilation systems and humidistats are all types of greenhouse accessories.
Heaters, ventilation systems and humidistats are all types of greenhouse accessories.

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