What are the Different Types of Green Home Accessories?

Laura M. Sands

Green home accessories range in type from decorative wall fabrics made of natural materials to eco-friendly flooring and everything in between. A special emphasis on accessories made from recycled plastics and other previously used materials count green remodeling as an inventive way to reduce waste while creating beautiful indoor and outdoor landscapes. Designers have become quite sensitive to the wishes of homeowners interested in green remodeling and are designing accessories, such as pendulum lighting, natural bamboo screens and recycled plastic furniture. In using eco-friendly natural materials, green home accessories are becoming very popular and not just because they are ecologically sound, but also because they offer appealing designs and can even save homeowners money.

A house with solar panels.
A house with solar panels.

Traditionally, people have selected multi-bulb chandeliers, ceiling fans and other lighting fixtures to not just illuminate a room, but to add effect to its design. High energy costs, however, have caused consumers to rethink these choices and search for more eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting options. Older lighting fixtures often require multiple bulbs, which translate into higher energy use and cost. Green home accessories, such as pendulum lighting are the exact opposite, however. Pendulum lighting fixtures come in attractive designs and feature a single bulb, which reduces energy and cost.

Some interior designers and decorators specialize in using earth-friendly and sustainably harvested materials.
Some interior designers and decorators specialize in using earth-friendly and sustainably harvested materials.

Natural bamboo screens, shades, floor mats and flooring are also very popular green home accessories. Bamboo is a natural material quite commonly used in sustainable building, as it is a good replacement for wood and textiles. Due to the threat of deforestation, builders and green designers use bamboo to create screens, flooring, countertops, furnishings and a host of other green home accessories.

Recycled plastic furniture is often used as outdoor furnishings. These green home accessories can be made to mimic the look of wood furnishings, but are made completely of recycled materials. They prove to be durable and weather-resistant while remaining quite stylish. Such furnishings help reduce waste, are ecologically sound and still manage to look great on a deck or patio.

Green home accessories are an integral part of creating a green home d├ęcor. The types of accessories offered are virtually endless, as all of the traditional accessories normally used in decorating a home can also be found in eco-friendly choices. From lighting to bedding to tables, chairs and other furnishings, green home accessories made from natural materials can be purchased from home design stores around the world, as well as from online retailers.

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