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What are the Different Types of Gazebo Parts?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Gazebo parts are available for different types of gazebos. Temporary or collapsible gazebo parts may include structural poles and joints, as well as canvas or nylon covers. Temporary canvas or nylon walls may also be available for some models of gazebos, as well as string lights and heaters. Permanent structure gazebo parts may include any of the materials necessary to construct the gazebo, as well as gates and doors, stairs, furniture, and so on. Some portable gazebos may also be stowed into bags or boxes meant to make transport and storage much easier.

Permanent structures often require gazebo parts while the structure is being constructed. Additions to the structure can be made after the initial construction as well, as railings, gates, and even windows can be installed to enhance the look and functionality of the structure. In most cases, lumber can be used to construct gazebo parts necessary for a permanent structure, though this depends on the materials used for construction of the rest of the structure. Patio furniture, grills, and other accessories can also add to the functionality and appeal of the structure, and while these are not necessarily considered gazebo parts, they are accessories that can be purchased to enhance the usability of the structure.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Temporary shelters often come with all the parts necessary to erect the structure and use it for a variety of applications. Replacement parts may include frame materials such as poles or posts, joints that join poles together at a centralized point, ropes or string meant to help secure the gazebo, and even stakes that can secure the gazebo to the ground. Replacement covers are available as well; an owner can upgrade a thinner or less functional cover for a rip-stop nylon cover or even a canvas cover. Repair parts are also available for patching rips and tears in the gazebo cover.

Waterproofing chemicals can also be considered gazebo parts. Wooden structures often require waterproofing chemicals to prevent damage such as warping, rotting, mold and mildew build-up, and so on. Some chemicals can even help prevent bug infestations in the wood. Metal structures may need to be galvanized or coated with waterproof paints or other coatings as well to prevent rust and corrosion. Nylon structures are waterproof by nature to a certain point, and gazebos made from such materials do not usually need extra waterproofing, but there are waterproofing chemicals available to enhance the water resistance of nylon or other fabrics.

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Discussion Comments


I have a gazebo in my yard that I like to spend time in during the summer. Since I was always having problems with mosquitoes and flies bothering me and my guests, I installed some basic screening material over the openings to keep the pests out. This was easy to do, and made spending time in the gazebo much more enjoyable.


@talentryto- Not only are vinyl gazebo parts durable, but I think that they stay looking fresh after being exposed to all types of weather. That's why I like your idea of using white, vinyl railings. I also think that there are several ways that you can make them enhance the looks of a gazebo that is made of wood.

First of all, if the wood of the gazebo is in good shape, new railings will not stand out or look like they don't belong. You can fix old wood by sanding and refinishing it to bring back it's natural beauty before installing the new gazebo parts.

You can also considering painting the wooden gazebo with white paint. Though it will have to be touched up every few years, this would provide a uniform look once you install the white, vinyl railings.


I'm helping a friend remodel a wooden gazebo, and I'm wondering if white, vinyl railings will look good on it. I think they are attractive and durable, but I don't want them to look out of place with the wood.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book