What are the Different Types of Gate Openers?

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Autumn Rivers
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Many homes, businesses, and apartment complexes use gates to restrict access to the property, granting entry to those that live or work there with the use of gate openers. There are several types available, which is not surprising given the variety of gate systems used. One of the most common types of gate openers is the remote, which is typically kept in the vehicle to allow entry without leaving the car. A keypad next to the gate can also be used, in which case drivers can just reach out their car window and type in a code. Finally, some automatic gate openers use different types of technology such as infrared beams to trigger the gate.

Remote gate openers are quite common, and are usually given to residents of apartment complexes or gated communities, or employees of a business with a gate in front. Remotes are to be kept in the vehicle, and one push of a button can usually work to open and close the gate. Remotes that use infrared technology require users to point the device at the receiver, which is usually on the side or bottom of the gate. Bluetooth remotes use a more advanced kind of technology, usually offering a faster response than other types of remotes do, though they typically cannot be used from as far away.

Some owners of electric gates prefer to use keypads to permit entry. They can create a code that they can give to those who are allowed to enter. If it is suspected that security has been compromised by an unauthorized person having the current code, it can be changed. Although a keypad may slow down entry since it requires drivers to stop and enter a code, it is convenient in that equipment cannot be lost like a remote can. In some cases, a magnetic card is used instead of a code. Some property owners may opt to have a remote as well a code or key card as gate openers, just in case a code is forgotten or a remote is misplaced.

There are also gate openers use detection systems, which can make use of infrared or laser beams. When the beams are broken by an approaching vehicle or pedestrian, the gate will either open automatically, or alert someone that a visitor has arrived. A detection system may also use pressure plates to detect when a car has pulled up.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower