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What are the Different Types of Gate Kits?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

There are many ways to install a gate or fence door. Gate kits are available, which typically includes all the necessary hardware for the gate assembly. These kits may be either large and small kits, with either manual or automatic door closure options. The kits are available for wood, steel, or vinyl gates.

Do-it-yourself gate kits are designed to help a homeowner ensure the proper hardware is purchased in one package. These kits typically include hinges, hangers, and latches that can support large sections of gate fence. The kit is typically less expensive than purchasing individual hardware items.


Gate kits typically start with a specific size and type of gate material. Large swing gates are used in farming and livestock operations. The swing gate is typically large enough to allow heavy farm equipment to pass through the gate. A large gate kit is more expensive than a smaller version because it requires heavy-duty swing arms and hinges to support the load of the gate.

Installing a gate is a moderately complex construction job that typically requires two people. These gates must be hung properly to ensure the door opens and closes correctly. The gate kit includes the necessary material, but requires installation from an experienced carpenter.

Small gate kits are available for sidewalks and walkways. These kits include small springs, latches, and hinges designed specifically for small entryways. The smaller kits are available for most gate material and are fairly inexpensive.

Other important features of a gates are the locks. Many kits include small locks that are typically lightweight in their design and security features. It is often better to purchase a separate lock unit for a gate in addition to the gate kit. This will ensure better security for the gate door, which can better keep out intruders.

An automatic remote gate is a gate that automatically opens with remote sensors or controls. This type of gate is most often used in elegant driveway areas. These gates are available in kit applications, which include all the necessary parts to install and configure the gate doors. Automatic gate kits are expensive luxury items. They are available for either metal, wood or vinyl gate entryways.

Self-closing gates are another example of gate kits for homeowners. This type of gate is important for people who need a gate to automatically close after entry. This type of gate is most often used to surround swimming pools because of the dangers of leaving the pool area unlocked. The automatic gate includes special springs that cause the gate to close after it is opened.

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