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What Are the Different Types of Game Designer Qualifications?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Different game designer qualifications are often based on the size of the company a person wants to work at and the type of designer he or she wants to be. Large game developers, for example, tend to require that a game designer have significant experience in the industry, including working on at least one major title. Smaller developers might hire on a game designer with less professional experience, though this is typically supplemented by an educational background in game development. Some game designer qualifications may depend upon the software used by a company during game development.

One of the most common game designer qualifications is a certain level of professional experience that someone may be expected to have. This can be expressed as a number of years in which someone has worked in development of games, as well as particular types of games that someone may be expected to have worked on. Some companies, however, can set game designer qualifications regarding the types of games a person has worked on, such as one or more “AAA titles” or major releases within the industry. Smaller developers often have lowered requirements, though a designer may still need to have experience working in development or game testing.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Educational background for someone can also meet certain game designer qualifications, depending on the requirements of a developer. In the past, most developers had a background in software design and development, including an education or experience in programming. Schools have recently begun offering programs specifically for people interesting in meeting game designer qualifications, which often teach both the effective use of computer graphics programs and the code programming required to become a designer. A degree in game design is often required for people interested in working in the game industry, especially individuals who may not have extensive professional experience.

Some development studios may also have game designer qualifications that are based on the specific programs or utilities used by them. Various graphics programs, for example, can be used in game development and some studios may require that an applicant for a designer position has experience using a particular program or one very similar to it. “Engines” are types of software typically used within the game development industry, which are typically involved in every stage of game development. Many companies can set game designer qualifications based on the use of a particular game engine. The use of similar scripting languages and computer software development, which can provide comparable experience to using a particular engine, can also be acceptable.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book