What Are the Different Types of Front Yard Signs?

Gregory Hanson

Front yard signs come in many different varieties and include signs designed to issue messages of welcome or warning, signs to commemorate special occasions, and signs to make statements about social or political issues. Specific warnings to passersby are commonly displayed on front yard signs, as are neighborly greetings. Unique signs can be used to broadcast messages for holidays, birthdays, weddings, or any other special events. Yard signs also have a long history of being used to make political statements, especially during the months before major elections.

Some front yard signs may be meant to deter potential burglars.
Some front yard signs may be meant to deter potential burglars.

Warning signs are commonly placed in front yards to give notice to anyone approaching a property that caution is warranted. This sort of sign can serve as a deterrent to burglars, by advertising security systems or the presence of large dogs. In other cases, a front yard sign can be used simply to inform onlookers to exercise caution. Such a sign might warn smokers to avoid lighting cigarettes because a resident uses oxygen, for instance.

Signs are sometimes posted in front yards to warn of the presence of a dog.
Signs are sometimes posted in front yards to warn of the presence of a dog.

Welcoming front yard signs are also very common. The simplest just proclaim messages of greeting and friendship, and welcome friends or strangers. Other varieties of welcoming sign make use of cartoon images or other humorous figures to convey similar messages. Fans of sports teams or other organizations commonly use front yard signs in front yard design in order to make statements of support and loyalty.

Some front yard signs are used to advertise special occasions. These signs are often rented or purchased from specialty firms and advertise events such as weddings or birthdays. Storks are often used as a form of temporary front yard decor to commemorate the arrival of a new baby. Many people will choose to add a sign with an appropriate holiday message to a front yard layout to commemorate holidays such as Christmas or Halloween.

Many front yard signs carry political or social statements. Signs endorsing particular parties or candidates are frequently displayed in the weeks or months leading up to elections. These signs are often used to advertise major national candidates but are also an important form of advertising for candidates in local races, who may not be able to afford to purchase other sorts of advertising.

Other signs convey social or political messages. Signs might support or oppose wars, taxes, or other government policies. Signs showing support for or opposition to groups such as unions, corporations, or community groups are common. Other signs, such as the yellow ribbons used to show support for missing persons or troops in the United States, serve as indicators of community support and solidarity.

A font yard sign may warn smokers to avoid lighting cigarettes due to a resident using oxygen.
A font yard sign may warn smokers to avoid lighting cigarettes due to a resident using oxygen.

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@Feryll - A "Beware of Dog" sign does not automatically get you off the hook for any injury your animal might cause on your property. If you have an aggressive dog then you need to take reasonable measures to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. A sign isn't going to stop him from chomping down on the mailman, so I would advise you to keep him in a fence or somewhere so he can't cause problems.


I have read that if I put up a beware of dog sign in my front yard so that it can be seen easily when anyone comes onto my property then I am no longer liable if the dog bites someone or knocks someone down on my property. Is this true?


@Animandel - You know, there actually are laws against the erecting of some of those political signs. For one thing, the people who place them need permission from the owners of the properties where the signs are placed. Different towns and cities have varying laws, so you really have to check to be certain what the actual law is for where you live.


I get so tired of all the political signs I see on lawns and along side the roads when I am driving. They are telling me to vote for this person or that person. Really, do they think I will vote for candidate John Smith just because he has more signs?

There is an intersection that I drive through most day on my way to and from work. The corners there are filled with with political signs to the point that not only are they an eyesore, but they are also dangerous because they divert the attention of drivers from the road to the grove of signs.

Isn't there a law against putting up all of those signs? If there isn't there definitely should be one. I would vote in favor of that law.

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