What Are the Different Types of Freelance Marketing Jobs?

Geri Terzo

The very nature of freelancing lends itself to part-time or hourly work. Professionals who fulfill freelance marketing jobs often take on projects on an individual basis and, if all goes well, may be hired by the same client in the future. It might make economic sense for a firm with marketing needs to hire a freelancer as opposed to engaging a provider on a long-term basis. Freelance marketing jobs may be found across consulting and writing in addition to illustration and web design. Clients might need to obtain marketers on a part-time basis to assist with a specific endeavor that perhaps the company does not have the manpower or resources to provide internally.

Some freelance marketers are tasked with writing press releases.
Some freelance marketers are tasked with writing press releases.

Consulting is one area where freelance marketing jobs can be obtained. Freelance marketing jobs that focus on consulting might be advertised on the Internet in order to attract business. Marketing consultants often focus on identifying what target audience the client is attempting to reach. Based on that piece of information, these marketing professionals can then attempt to design a marketing campaign that suits the needs of clients. For instance, based on the demographic, freelance marketers may recommend an Internet campaign or advise that clients use print publications to market products or services.

People who work in freelance marketing may design print ads for products.
People who work in freelance marketing may design print ads for products.

Freelance marketing jobs can often be what the professionals make them out to be. For instance, many part-time marketers incorporate their own businesses and promote themselves based on portfolios of past work or areas of expertise. Services might include web design where a client's website can be developed and user traffic may be monitored. Freelance marketers could focus efforts on a particular type of client, such as nonprofit organizations, so that a reputation is established within a given community.

Also, marketing professionals might focus efforts on digital media, where online banners and webcasts are created to attract business from clients. The effective use of social media can also support a client's needs, and freelance marketers might specialize in providing this service. Freelancers can focus on assisting clients with optimizing Internet search engine results by incorporating key words into a marketing campaign.

Sometimes, freelance marketers provide services that are more akin to public relations than anything else. These professionals might write press releases on behalf of clients and issue them to the appropriate distributors, including media outlets. The services provided by these marketing professionals might extend to obtaining celebrity or other endorsements for products or services provided by clients. The more versatile freelance marketers can be, the more business these individuals are likely to generate.

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