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What Are the Different Types of Foyer Benches?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

There are many different types of foyer benches. Some benches are strong enough for daily use, while others are intended only for decoration. Common styles include modern, retro, and antique. The materials used to manufacture benches and cushions can add to the furniture’s style as well.

Foyer benches can be made from a variety of materials, which may add considerably to the overall style. Wood is the most frequently used construction material, but metal and plastic foyer benches are also common. Metal and wood may retain a natural look or be painted. Benches made from any material can have intricate and ornate characteristics to add personality to a foyer’s décor, but simple designs are functional and may also have aesthetic appeal.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Manufacturers use many types of fabric to cover foyer bench cushions, which may also affect the furniture’s appearance. Cotton, leather, and vinyl are all common, but some cushions may have lush fabrics, such as velvet. Foyer benches may have detachable cushions, built-in cushions, or no cushions at all. Some people purchase pillows or generic cushions for benches that do not provide any padding. The fabric type, color, and detachability provide a nearly endless number of potential combinations.

Modern and retro styles are both common options for foyer benches. A modern bench has a sleek, contemporary look that works well in fashionable decors. Retro styles may be new but use designs, colors, or materials that were popular in the past. For example, a 1970s-style bench may be made from avocado-colored plastic.

Antique foyer benches are a popular choice as well. Many antique benches are hand-crafted, and the designs may range from simple and elegant to intricate and grandiose. Some antique benches may be extremely old, because this type of furniture has been popular for centuries.

The addition or absence of other features may have a major impact on the appearance of a foyer bench. Some benches have a back while others do not, and many benches that have a back to lean against also have arm rests. A foyer bench may have built in storage with decorative knobs or handles. Compartments and shelves beneath the seat are also common, and the items placed below the bench may add more color and style to a room.

Some foyer benches are not meant for frequent use. The designs may be too dainty to hold the weight of the average adult, and some cushion fabrics are not durable enough to withstand daily use. Benches that do not utilize a durable design and fabric are usually intended only for decorative purposes.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips