What Are the Different Types of Event Planner Jobs?

Barbara R. Cochran

Event planner jobs are diverse in terms of the types of individuals or corporations serviced, and, more specifically, the kinds of events or venues that require planning. Some event planners like to help families organize birthday, anniversary, or wedding celebrations. Those kinds of assignments typically require someone who is an outside, freelance consultant. Some event planner jobs, such as those inside of a corporation, can be full-time. In that case, the aim of the event planner is the promotion of the company through events such as informational seminars or trade shows related to the company's products and/or services.

Bars sometimes use event planners to bring in more customers.
Bars sometimes use event planners to bring in more customers.

Some event planner jobs revolve around major events that might only occur once a year, or once every several years. Services like food vending, transportation, and security have to be arranged for venues like the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and presidential inaugurations, to name just a few. No matter what the scope of an event, those involved as event planners must be able to arrange and juggle every detail to make sure that every aspect of the event moves along smoothly. Sometimes things go awry during an event. The planner must stand ready to rectify the situation by reassessing and reorganizing, and bringing in outside assistance if needed.

An event planner is responsible for every aspect of the event.
An event planner is responsible for every aspect of the event.

An event planner is responsible for every aspect of the event. He or she may organize speakers, arrange for attendees to register for the event, organize and schedule meetings or seminars, and make sure all invited guests have their needs met. The main goal of a planner is to make sure the event is appropriate for the group or company he or she is working for and that it is a success for that company.

Event planners may be used to find the perfect venue for a get together.
Event planners may be used to find the perfect venue for a get together.

If an event planner is hired to organize an event for people within a certain industry to meet and interact, for example, the planner might consider if this could best be accomplished through a series of lectures and seminars, interactive discussion panels, or a trade show. Different formats are likely to be more effective for different groups of professionals. A lecture series may not be the best choice of event for interactive technology professionals, and thus not meet the goal set by the hiring company. Medical professionals, on the other hand, might be more accustomed to the lecture learning format.

While there is no educational requirement to work in event planner jobs, many planners hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, tourism administration, or hospitality. Study in those fields helps ensure that the student understands the nature of event planning and has the skills to plan and organize many different kinds of events. It also prepare candidates to deal with any problems that might arise during the planning of events, or as they transpire.

The pay for event planner jobs can vary quite a bit. Besides corporations, those who choose not to go the freelance route can find jobs with convention centers, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, and casinos. Other event planning jobs can be found with non-profit organizations, or at an event planning firm itself.

The wedding industry has demand for event planners.
The wedding industry has demand for event planners.

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Sometimes administrative assistants and office managers do event planning as part of their position. It may just be about organizing one annual event, or small meetings and conferences. But it's the same type of tasks like -- scheduling dates, reserving location, hotel rooms and flights for speakers or guests, catering, etc.


@ZipLine-- I agree with you. I hired a freelance event planner for my wedding. She was fantastic and everything turned out as we wanted. She did have a lot of patience because we had many guests, a seven course dinner and I even made a few changes a few days before the wedding. But she dealt with everything very calmly and professionally. I'm glad that I chose someone with a lot of experience.

For those looking to hire an event planner. I highly recommend checking portfolios of planner's previous events and projects. A planner who has handled large events and who can deal with unexpected issues is the best choice.


Event planning is really very difficult and stressful. I've only worked in event planning for fairly small scale jobs but still found them stressful and demanding. As the article said, there are just so many details involved and it's easy to overlook the small ones. I made that mistake once by messing up a catering order. Thankfully, I was able to fix it last minute but it was a difficult situation. I have a lot of respect for successful event planners and managers. I think they have high tolerance for stress and are extremely good at organizing and dealing with details.

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