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What Are the Different Types of Entryway Hooks?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Entryway hooks can be used to keep coats hung neatly and undamaged, in addition to hats, dog leashes, and other common articles kept by the door. The different varieties of entryway hooks make countless configurations possible; single hooks can be purchased and mounted individually, or several hooks mounted to a backing board can allow for easy installation and storage of several coats. Other hooks are mounted to a shelf or cubby that is mounted to the wall; the coats can be hung from the hooks, and other objects such as hats, keys, and sunglasses can be placed on the shelf above the hooks.

Furniture designed for entryways can also feature entryway hooks. An entryway bench, for example, may feature a tall backing with a shelf at the top, and hooks mounted beneath the shelf. The coats can be hung on the hooks, and other objects can be placed on the shelf. A person can sit on the bench when putting on or taking off his or her shoes, making this piece of furniture exceptionally convenient. Such a unit will take up more space than other options, however, so it may not be appropriate for all entryways.

Entryway hooks may be used to hang coats and outerwear.
Entryway hooks may be used to hang coats and outerwear.

Much smaller units, such as key hooks, are entryway hooks not designed for coats at all. These exceptionally small units feature hooks meant to hold keys and other small objects, such as dog leashes. Key hooks do not generally take up much space, and they can be mounted on the wall quickly and easily without much more than a screwdriver. Hanging coats on such a hook is not an option in most cases, however, since the unit will not be able to support the weight.

Some units may feature a series of cubbies above the entryway hooks instead of just a simple shelf. These cubbies are attractive and useful for storing a variety of items. They can be heavier than individual hooks as well as hooks with shelves, so it is important to make sure the unit is mounted to studs in the wall to prevent it from falling off the wall when loaded with weight. Such a design is useful for families that have several garments to store on the entryway hooks or in the cubbies.

Wrought iron hooks and other decorative hooks are great for hanging one or two coats at a time, and they are attractive even when no garments are hung from them. They can be more expensive than other types of materials, but they are also durable and very attractive.

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    • Entryway hooks may be used to hang coats and outerwear.
      By: indigolotos
      Entryway hooks may be used to hang coats and outerwear.