What Are the Different Types of Double Loft Beds?

Dan Cavallari

Dorm rooms and children's bedrooms are ideal candidates for double loft beds, as these units can save space while still providing comfortable sleeping surfaces for more than one person. These beds generally feature two mattresses, with the mattresses each positioned in their own frames, which are stacked on top of each other. This means one person will sleep on the top mattress, while another person or people can sleep on the lower mattress. Double loft beds must be carefully measured to ensure they will fit in a room while allowing comfortable head space for the person sleeping on the top mattress.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The top and bottom mattresses are not always uniform sizes. Some double loft beds will feature a full size or even a queen size mattress on the bottom, while the top mattress may be a full or a twin. This allows for some added room for the person or people sleeping on the more commonly used bottom mattress while still allowing plenty of sleeping space for the less used top mattress. In other cases, both the top and bottom mattresses may be the same size to allow the same amount of sleeping space regardless of where a person sleeps on the unit.

Double loft beds must also feature some sort of stairway or ladder to facilitate easy maneuvering into the top bed space. The location of the ladder or stairway can vary by model, as well as by the configuration used within a certain space. Ladders are usually positioned on the end of the bed for convenience, though some are positioned on the side of the bed instead. This configuration can be inconvenient, especially for the person or people sleeping on the bottom mattress, as its presence can make it more difficult to get into and out of the bottom bed.

Like other types of beds, double loft beds can be made from a variety of materials, including various hardwoods and softwoods, metal, and even composite materials. Hardwoods will generally be the most expensive option, while softwoods and various types of metals are likely to be less expensive. The style and design of the double loft beds can vary significantly as well; some will feature drawers for storage, while others will be simple designs intended to take up the least amount of space. Headboards may feature cubbyholes for storage, especially if the beds will be used on a regular basis rather than simply to accommodate infrequent guests.

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