What Are the Different Types of Dog Grooming Insurance?

Jeremy Laukkonen

The different types of dog grooming insurance are based on where the business activity takes place and the specific services that are offered. Comprehensive mobile dog grooming insurance plans are necessary for services that provide house calls. These plans can offer coverage for the grooming truck, and sometimes provide some type of compensation for lost wages if the vehicle is damaged in an accident or requires service. Other insurance plans are designed with a fixed location in mind, and some are geared towards groomers that operate out of kennels, veterinarian offices, or pet stores. Most insurance plans that are available to pet owners do not include dog grooming coverage, though services such as training and grooming can sometimes be available with comprehensive plans.

A dog being washed.
A dog being washed.

Dog grooming insurance is designed to protect groomers from the different types of financial liabilities that can occur during the course of operating a business. Most basic insurance policies for groomers are aimed at professionals who work out of a fixed location. These policies typically include some type of general liability insurance that will pay for any accidents that occur, including medical bills and other expenses that might arise from the injury of a pet or worker. Another feature of these policies is usually a business property rider, which will pay for any damage to the building, equipment or other property.

Both business owners and dog owners can buy dog grooming insurance.
Both business owners and dog owners can buy dog grooming insurance.

Mobile businesses typically need dog grooming insurance with all the features of a typical insurance policy, though there are also a few unique concerns that can be addressed. Since these businesses usually depend on a mobile grooming truck, it is common for those vehicles to be covered by the policy. Any accidents that occur when a grooming truck is driving to or from an appointment will typically be covered by a mobile dog grooming insurance policy. Some of these policies also include a business income rider. This type of additional coverage can compensate for any lost income that occurs when a dog grooming truck is out of service for repairs.

Another type of dog insurance is offered to pet owners, rather than business owners. This type of insurance usually pays for expenses such as injuries and illnesses, though vaccines and other preventative care can be covered as well. Most of these insurance plans do not cover services that fall outside the range of emergency treatment and preventive care, such as grooming or training. Some comprehensive plans can cover these types of services, however, and some discount plans offer savings on both vet bills and grooming products.

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