What Are the Different Types of Dog Gates?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
A dog.
A dog.

Dog gates are designed to be placed in an entrance way with either a pressure lock mechanism or a more permanent mount. Hardware-mounted dog gates are generally more durable, but they are also more permanent and difficult to remove without damaging a home. Pressure-mounted dog gates are not as durable but are easier to remove when a family decides to give a dog more access to the house. In addition, special hardware-mounted dog gates can be purchased for stairways. A final variable on the different types of dog gates is how wide and tall they are, as well as what material they are made from.

The most reliable category of dog gates is the hardware-mounted variety. This type of dog gate is affixed permanently to a doorway or stairway, typically with screws or other permanent mounting hardware. The main advantage to this type of gate is that dogs have the toughest time knocking them over or breaking them. Where other gates might be pushed over or pulled out of place, hardware-mounted dog gates are more difficult to dislodge. A persistent dog could theoretically work at a hardware-mounted gate and eventually break it, however.

People who do not want to permanently affix a dog gate to a doorway or stairway often choose a gate from the pressure-mounted category. This is a fairly sturdy option, though not as sturdy as the hardware-mounted varieties, that still allows for hassle-free removal with little to no damage to the walls. It is still possible to damage the walls if the gate is affixed too snugly, though. Renters and other people who foresee not wanting to have a gate in place permanently opt for this type of dog gate.

Stairway dog gates are a specialized category of hardware-mounted dog gate designed for that particular spot in a home. A bottom support bar is omitted to avoid tripping hazards. In addition, this kind of dog gate is usually designed to swing open one way rather than both.

Besides hardware mounted versus pressure mounted, there are a few variables to consider when deciding on a dog gate. The width of a particular dog gate, with or without an extension, in relation to the doorway or stairway may be an important consideration. Additionally, the jumping ability of the dog can be an integral factor when deciding how tall the dog gate should be. Finally, a dog gate can be made of plastic, metal or wood, and each has a different combination of cost, durability and weight.

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    • A dog.
      A dog.