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What Are the Different Types of DIY Pool Kits?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

There are generally two basic types of DIY pool kits — above-ground and underground pool kits. Above-ground pool kits are generally less expensive and easier to install. Most of these types of pool kits contain walls or frames that are meant to support vinyl liners. In-ground pool kits are usually more expensive and require more work to install. These types of DIY pool kits may consist of pre-formed fiberglass inserts or vinyl liners.

Generally, above-ground DIY pool kits are much less expensive and easier to find and install. These types of pools can often be found in large chain stores and pool supply stores during the spring and summer months. Circular shaped above-ground pools are typically most common, but they may come in other shapes as well.

Two young boys
Two young boys

One type of above-ground pool kit consists or pool walls made from metal or sturdy plastic. Once these walls are set up, a vinyl pool liner is then secured to these walls. Some above ground DIY pool kits consist of just a framework and liner. After the framework is assembled, the vinyl liner is attached to the frame.

Inflatable DIY pool kits have also become very popular. These types of above-ground pools typically have inflatable rings around the top of the pool and a vinyl liner to hold the water. The ring is blown up with air, and the liner is filled with water. When the pool is completely filled, the air-filled ring floats on the top of the water and holds the soft walls of the pool up.

Underground DIY pool kits are typically more expensive and more difficult to set up. These usually require a homeowner to dig a large hole, usually with the help of heavy equipment. Most homeowners will also need to get a building permit to install these types of pools. In-ground pools often look much better than above-ground pools, however, and they can add resale value to a property.

Pre-formed fiberglass DIY pool kits are typically one of the easiest types of in-ground pool kits to install. When installing an in-ground pool of this sort, a large hole must be dug in the ground. A basin-shaped insert, made from rigid plastic or fiberglass, is then set into the hole. Soil or concrete can then be used to fill in the rest of the hole.

Some in-ground DIY pool kits consist of thick vinyl liners, similar to those used in above-ground pool kits. After a hole is dug, the liner can be secured to a plastic or metal frame inside the hole. Poured concrete pools are also popular, but these usually require much more work and preparation.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys