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What Are the Different Types of Design Trainee Jobs?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud

Wherever there is a job, there is the potential for a trainee. This principle holds true for design trainee jobs, with every design job holding the possibility of an associated trainee. Trainees are aspiring or established industry professionals hoping to learn through shadowing and hands-on work. Design trainee jobs may exist in business, design, human resources, or other aspects of the design industry.

The design industry is very broad in definition, encompassing many different things into one term. Design can range from the creation of shirt or clothing logos to designing houses, cars, appliances, and many more. Wherever there is the potential for a visual product or service, there remains the possibility of design jobs. And, wherever there are design jobs, there can be design trainee jobs. It easy to see why there are so many ways for design trainees to find themselves in the field.

A design trainee may be expected to perform clerical work.
A design trainee may be expected to perform clerical work.

There are many reasons why an individual may want to become a trainee in the field of design. Perhaps she wants to get her feet wet in the field, making sure it's the right fit before committing to an education or career. Or, maybe he is an already established designer hoping to transfer his skill set to a different branch of the design industry. Regardless of the motive for the ambition to find design trainee jobs, there is probably a fit for anyone under this broad umbrella.

Design trainee jobs in the business realm may focus on the behind-the-scenes manner in which a design company is run. This may not exactly involve any particular design skills but rather focuses primarily on the business side of things, emphasizing a strong understanding of the industry. This is very different than, say, design trainee jobs on the manufacturing end of the spectrum. Such positions may instead be primarily concerned with the production and distribution of the designed goods that a business relies on for survival.

It is also possible to find design trainee jobs in human resources. Human resources may exist in almost all industries, but they are also somewhat industry specific. This means finding the right people to work for a design company is different than finding the right employees for a sporting goods store. Design trainees are the future, and their jobs should be valued by both the employer and the employee. They possess the potential for a vast amount of learning and growth in the design industry.

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    • A design trainee may be expected to perform clerical work.
      By: contrastwerkstatt
      A design trainee may be expected to perform clerical work.