What are the Different Types of Curved Pergola?

Norma Jean Howland

A curved pergola is a creative way to add shaded space and dimension to an outdoor living area. There are several styles of pergolas, and these trellises with their open framework can be installed in almost any location. Some pergolas are attached to the home, while others are freestanding, or gazebo type. A curved pergola may arch around a patio with a flat roof or serve as a shaded path through a garden area with a roller coaster shape roof that is visually pleasing to look at even in winter. A pergola may be integrated into a fence as a gateway or built onto a bridge offering a shaded area over a creek.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

A gazebo type pergola can include seating areas that extend an outdoor living space with open cross beams and framework for climbing plants. This type of pergola can also have window boxes for favorite flowers and become a haven, even in an urban environment. The shape of the structure may vary, from octagonal with a flat lattice roof to square with a curved dome-style roof that may almost seem like a small chapel in a wooded setting.

If a curved pergola is attached to the home, it may surround a deck or patio area, often bringing new life to a neglected space. This structure can be painted or stained to complement the home and serve as an area for entertaining on summer evenings. Plants can be hung throughout the arbor, combined with climbing vines for the roof, making the patio into a cozy place to read or relax in.

When it comes to materials, a curved pergola can usually be found in aluminum, vinyl, polyester and wood. Vinyl white pergolas tend to be popular since they can be matched with many architectural styles. For something that stands out in contrast, wood is also popular with cedar and redwood styles being found in many types of pergolas.

With its open cross beams and arbor framework, a curved pergola can add design and function to an outdoor space. For an older patio, it may even transform the space with its curved lines and latticework. When used poolside, a pergola can offer shade at a wet bar or a place to retreat from the sun. If a curved pergola is used as part of a gate, it can offer a quaint passageway into a serene backyard setting, while providing a sense of privacy.

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I have always loved the look of gazebos, and finally decided to have one built in our back yard. I knew that if I was going to get the most use out of it, it would need to be screened in. We decided to purchase a gazebo kit and build it ourselves. It took several weekends, but the finished product is really beautiful.

We built this close to our back deck, so we enjoy spending our evenings out there and also eat some of our meals there. I love being able to enjoy the outdoors without fighting all the bugs. It also makes a nice place to entertain a small group of friends.


I purchased an arched top wooden pergola to put outside in my yard. This is a beautiful addition to the yard that looks good any time of the year, but especially in the summer.

This pergola goes over a pathway that leads to my garden. I have the pathway lined with a combination of annual and perennial flowers.

I looked at several different pergola pictures and plans, and this is the one that I liked the most. I think the arched top really completes the look. This was not inexpensive to purchase, but I figure I will get many years of enjoyment out of it.

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