What Are the Different Types of Cupcakes Supplies?

G. Wiesen

Cupcakes supplies are typically intended for use in making, decorating, or displaying cupcakes. Those items used in making them can include books with recipes and box mixes, as well as silicone molds and decorative paper inserts for cupcake pans. There are a number of different supplies that can be used in decorating cupcakes, including various toppers such as rings and plastic images that can be placed on them, sprinkles and frosting, and specially shaped pans. Other types of cupcakes supplies are often used for displaying these treats after baking, which include stands and other party supplies used to serve them.

A frosted cupcake.
A frosted cupcake.

Some of the most common cupcakes supplies available are those that can be used in the creation of these snacks. Mixes and recipe books, for example, can be used to help someone gather the proper ingredients used to make the batter for these cakes. There are even some cookbooks that are completely dedicated to recipes for different types of cupcakes.

Cupcake molds are sometimes made from silicone.
Cupcake molds are sometimes made from silicone.

Silicone molds are an example of other cupcakes supplies that can be physically used in the creation of these cakes. These are non-stick inserts that can be placed within a cupcake pan to reduce cleanup afterward and to make release from the pan easier. There are also many different paper inserts that can be used for the same reason, which often have seasonal coloration and designs that reflect specific holidays.

Some cupcakes supplies can be used to decorate these cakes after baking. Frosting and sprinkles are often used as decoration, and there are bags and metal tips that are designed specifically for use in frosting a cake. Such supplies can be used on cupcakes as well as larger desserts. There are even some cupcake pans that include shapes other than standard circular forms, which allow someone to make unique or unusual treats.

A number of different decorations can be found as cupcakes supplies, including plastic toys and items that are placed on top of the frosted cakes. Rings, for example, are often available with different patterns, such as images of cartoon characters or shapes that indicate different holidays. There are also “picks” that can be inserted into the top of the cupcake, which support a flat plastic surface that displays an image or sticker.

Cupcakes supplies can also be found that are intended for displaying and serving these treats after they are decorated. Stands, for example, are usually multi-tiered platforms that can have cupcakes placed upon them for an aesthetically pleasing serving option. There are also platters and small individual stands that can be found as cupcakes supplies, which let someone serve these cakes in a more unique and ornamental way.

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