What Are the Different Types of Cubicle Accessories?

Tara Barnett

There are many different types of cubicle accessories designed to serve a variety of purposes. Some accessories for cubicles help promote productivity by shutting out distracting noises or providing privacy. Others help workers stay organized by creating additional surfaces and storage areas. Still others are created simply for providing the worker with a fun and cozy workspace, which can promote worker satisfaction and reduce the feeling of being a faceless machine. Many different companies produce cubicle accessories, and while not all accessories are welcomed by all companies, many are inexpensive and drastically improve the employee's work environment.

Office cubicles.
Office cubicles.

While there are many types of items that can be added to a cubicle by individuals in order to make the cubicle more personal, certain accessories should often be provided by the company itself. Basic office accessories and items that can be rearranged in order to create an optimal workspace for the individual's needs are useful in any office environment. Accessories that are designed specifically for the type of cubicle being used can also be helpful when attempting to create variation between the units. High tech accessories, such as those that allow easy communication between workers, can be very valuable additions to cubicle environments, although these may require additional security.

Tape is an important tool for desk workers.
Tape is an important tool for desk workers.

One of the most common types of cubicle accessories works to negate the open design of the cubicle by giving the worker privacy. While the open design of the cubicle is thought by many to promote interaction between workers and therefore cultivate a better work environment, most employees feel that the openness of the cubicle is distracting. Screens, covers, and even doors are all popular cubicle accessories, but these are sometimes not allowed by companies for fear that employees will not focus on their work.

Organizational accessories for cubicles are also popular and come in a variety of designs. Desktop accessories are usually the same as those used for other types of works paces, but there are also special cubicle accessories that are made to hang on the walls of the cubicle without damaging the material. Accessories that hang on the walls may hold files, important notes, or even office supplies. This type of accessory frees up desk space and reduces clutter for improved productivity.

Fun accessories for cubicles often take the form of decorations and toys. Even functional cubicle accessories, like tape dispensers or curtains, can have fun elements in their design. Personalization of a cubicle is important for workers because having an individual space usually improves an employee's attitude. Toys, posters, and other cubicle accessories of this type are not typically purchased by the company but rather brought into the space by individuals.

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