What are the Different Types of Cream Cleanser?

B. Miller

Cream cleanser, also known as creme cleanser, generally refers to a type of skin cleanser that comes in a thick liquid form, similar in texture to a lotion, though a bar cleanser could contain cream as well. There are cream cleansers available for both the face and the body. Some cleansers are designed with a specific purpose in mind, such as to moisturize extra-dry skin or to fight the appearance of acne.

Some cream cleansers are specifically designed to treat acne.
Some cream cleansers are specifically designed to treat acne.

Cream cleanser by nature contains rich moisturizers as a primary ingredient, making it different than other types of cleansers that simply contain soap, or other cleansing ingredients without moisturizer. The simplest of cream cleansers will only be designed to cleanse and moisturize the face, and is a good idea for those with sensitive or dry, flaking skin. Of course, other types of cream cleansers exist for more specific needs.

Cream cleansers have the consistency of a thick lotion.
Cream cleansers have the consistency of a thick lotion.

A popular type of cream cleanser is one that contains acne fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Because these products can be drying to the skin, using them in a cream cleanser can be beneficial, because the moisturizers in the cleanser can help prevent the skin from becoming too dry. Remember, do not use a cream cleanser designed for the body on the face, because it may be too harsh on the delicate skin there.

Some cleansers contain exfoliating agents that gently scrub the skin.
Some cleansers contain exfoliating agents that gently scrub the skin.

Another type of cream cleanser is one that contains an exfoliating ingredient, such as microbeads, oatmeal, salt, or sugar, among others. The exfoliating ingredient will gently slough off dead skin cells, revealing fresher, brighter skin underneath. The cream in the cleanser will help to moisturize the newly exfoliated skin. Keep in mind that not all exfoliating cleansers are designed to be used every day, so be sure to read the directions on the package. Once again, an exfoliating cream cleanser designed for the body should only be used on the body, never the face.

Some cream cleansers may contain moisturizers.
Some cream cleansers may contain moisturizers.

Finally, other types of cream cleansers might contain additional ingredients for the benefit of the skin. These might include oils, such as olive oil, wheat germ oil, fruit oil, or soy oil, among others, which work as moisturizers. Vitamins such as C and E may also be included, which are antioxidants that may restore a younger-looking appearance to the skin, along with other ingredients such as green tea. Some cream cleansers are scented with lavender, which may have a calming effect, or with other pleasing scents. There are cream cleansers available for every skin type or preference.

Teenagers going through puberty may benefit from using a cream cleanser to treat acne.
Teenagers going through puberty may benefit from using a cream cleanser to treat acne.

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@Catapult- I like cold cream too. I often get Noxzema, because I like the smell, though I have a friend who swears by Pond's, and my mom buys generic. I guess the brand doesn't matter nearly as much as just using it regularly.


I've been using cream cleansers for years. I have tried several, although traditional cold cream cleanser has always been one I go back to. It just always works, it feels soothing, and it's readily available in many areas, so when I travel I can always buy some if I run out.


@Monika - I'm glad cream cleansers work so well for you.

One thing I wanted to point out is that if you have dry skin, avoid the cleanser with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is great if you have acne, but it can dry out your skin. If you already have dry skin, and no acne, there's no reason for you to be using salicylic acid!


I have dry skin, so I prefer cream cleanser over any other type of cleansers. The other cleansers just seem like they dry my skin out too much.

My favorite cream cleanser is a natural products. It contains olive oil and a few other natural products too! I think the olive oil really helps my skin stay nice and moisturized.


The best cream cleanser I have ever used is an egg cream cleanser. This seemed a little expensive when I bought it, but I had always heard of the benefits of using egg on your face, so decided to give it a try.

A little bit goes a long way, and this bottle has lasted me quite a while. There are also natural cleansing beads in this cleanser so you can really feel it working to remove all the dirt and makeup.

There is a big difference in how much softer my face feels after using this cleanser than others that I have used in the past. Not only does my face feel clean, but also very moisturized and healthy.


Using a gentle cleanser to remove the makeup from your face is so much nicer than using plain soap. Many soaps are so drying on your skin, and using a quality cleanser not only removes the dirt and makeup, but softens and moisturizes your skin in the process.

Even after I remove my makeup with a gentle cream cleanser, I still use some hydrating toner to make sure I get all traces of dirt removed. After doing these two steps, my face feels so clean and refreshed.

There are many nights when I feel too tired to cleanse my face and just want to crawl in bed, but I always feel so much better when I go to sleep with a clean face.


@Mutsy - I have used the foaming cream cleanser and a gel-based cleanser in order to remove my makeup before I clean my face. I actually prefer the gel-based cleanser because it is more refreshing and it leaves my skin feeling a little cleaner then when I use the foaming face cleanser. Both work fine. I guess it just depends what you prefer.

The important thing is to remove your makeup with a cleanser and then clean your face with some facial soap so that you remove all of the makeup and impurities that you skin has. Washing with a cleanser alone can leave some residue on your skin that you don't want.


I have to say that I love those facial cream cleansers that also have exfoiliating agents. I love combining the cleansing and exfoliation in one step because it makes life easier.

Most of the skin care programs that a lot of cosmetic companies offer require you to use three or four products to clean and exfoliate your skin. For me, I would rather use a cleansing scrub like this and then moisturize my face with some moisturizing lotion and be done with it. I want by beauty ritual to be a quick as possible because otherwise I will forget to use one of the products.

This type of cleanser is better for people that have combination or oily skin. If your skin is dry you should really limit the exfoliation because if not it will dry out your skin even more. Dry skin really needs a rich cream cleanser that will moisturize the skin even more than a traditional moisturizer.

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