What are the Different Types of Cordless Lamps? (with pictures)

Erika Peterson
Erika Peterson
A cordless table lamp.
A cordless table lamp.

There are many different types of cordless lamps, and each type is used for a specific reason. Every lamp has its own set of features and benefits that act as personal advantages for its users. One of the most well-known benefits is the fact that it is battery powered, so it can be used anywhere. Cordless lamps are not ideal for every situation; however, they are the best lamps for many household and traveling based tasks.

A cordless floor lamp.
A cordless floor lamp.

To understand the different types, it is important for a consumer to remember the general purpose for a lighting fixture. A lamp or any other type of lighting fixture is used to illuminate an area, which can be indoors or outdoors, and the light can be used for a variety of tasks. Lighting is used by people of all ages, and it is used during all hours of the day.

Cordless lamps can come in all sizes, shapes, and styles.
Cordless lamps can come in all sizes, shapes, and styles.

As a result of how common and useful lighting fixtures are, it is important that they are easy to use. Cordless lamps are some of the simplest lamps that are available on the retail market today. They are available in every size and design imaginable. These lamps are used both indoors and out, illuminating an area for people of all ages to use.

One of the most popular types is the bedside lamp or reading light, which can also be referred to as a book light. Bedside lamps are quite versatile; they can be used anywhere indoors for reading or working, and some types of bedside lamps can also act as a night light. These cordless reading lamps can be free-standing or attach with a clip, and they are usually battery powered and rechargeable.

Cordless lamps are powered by battery.
Cordless lamps are powered by battery.

A floor lamp can also be cordless. It is a large lamp that has a base, and it stands alone on the floor. These lamps can be used on any type of flooring, and they usually have an adjustable head. Cordless floor lamps are convenient because they do not need an outlet, and there are no wires to trip over.

One of the other types of cordless lamps is a table lamp. It functions like any old fashion indoor lamp, but usually has rechargeable batteries, no cords, and low voltage operations. Some cordless table lamps also have a dimming switch, and they are ideal for tabletop use.

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I have also been looking for cordless lamps since reading this. I came across a company called Insight Cordless Lighting, and brought a set of table lamps (two lamps). They usually only sell to commercial customers, but I just sent them an email saying I would like to buy from them. Five days later, the lamps were delivered!

Now I use them in the my office and in my bedroom. They even have a remote to change the color and brightness levels, On/Off etc. I am amazed I had never seen these before.


I don't have very many electrical outlets in my living room. I love to have table lamps, but don't want cords laying all over the floor. My solution was to buy a couple of cordless lamps.

At first I didn't know how long the batteries would last and how bright the light would be. I don't think it is as convenient as being able to plug in a lamp, but it is better than tripping over cords.

This way when I want to sit on the sofa and read, I have a bright light that I can see with.


We have an old hand held spot light in the garage that really comes in handy in certain situations. This is nice because you don't have to worry about plugging it in to an electrical outlet. As long as the batteries are charged up, you can take this spot light anywhere you need some light.


I love to read at night, and have more than one type of reading light that uses batteries. I have one that is the size of a book, and you just lay the light over the pages of the book and it illuminates them. This is nice because I don't have a bright light shining somewhere else in the room when my husband is trying to sleep.

I also have some book lights that attach to the book and light up a small area. These get the job done, but aren't quite as handy as the other light.

Kerosene lamps are another type of cordless lamp. Instead of running on battery power, they run on smelly kerosene, and they can emit noxious odors if lit in small spaces.

I rent a house from an older couple, and there is a storm cellar on the property. Inside the cellar is a kerosene lamp. They put it there, and whenever we all go in there during a storm, they light it.

It will run for a long time before burning out, but the smell is nearly unbearable. I bought a few of those little round lights with a flat white base that you can put on a flat surface. All you have to do is press them to make them come on. I convinced the people to give them a try, and they could see well enough by them that we didn't have to burn the kerosene lamp.


I had no idea that cordless lamps even existed! I just always thought that burning a light would require so much energy that a battery would run out of power in no time.

I could definitely use a cordless desk lamp. I have so much clutter on my desk, and the cord from my lamp is always getting in the way. The outlet is above my desk, so I can't just run the cord down behind the table.

I am going to look into getting one of these. It will be interesting to see how long the battery will last.

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    • A cordless table lamp.
      A cordless table lamp.
    • A cordless floor lamp.
      A cordless floor lamp.
    • Cordless lamps can come in all sizes, shapes, and styles.
      Cordless lamps can come in all sizes, shapes, and styles.
    • Cordless lamps are powered by battery.
      Cordless lamps are powered by battery.