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What Are the Different Types of Concrete Floor Finishes?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Many people assume that all concrete is the same, but there are actually various concrete floor finishes available. For example, a stained or colored floor offers a bit of color compared to the usual light gray shade of most concrete. Stamped concrete is another way to add variety to the floor, as custom shapes can be added to the surface. It is also possible to use a broom on wet concrete to add some texture to an otherwise smooth floor.

One of the most common types of concrete floor finishes is coloring, which allows homeowners to add some color to their concrete. It is possible to color the floor just one shade by adding some specialized coloring powder or liquid to the concrete mix. This method usually results in the same light color throughout the surface, while color hardeners can be sprinkled across new concrete to get a darker shade. On the other hand, stained concrete can be achieved by adding stain to the surface after it has already dried, allowing homeowners to add color to their floor even several years after its installation.

A man smoothing out a concrete floor.
A man smoothing out a concrete floor.

Some people prefer concrete floor finishes that add texture rather than color, in which case stamped concrete may be ideal. Custom shapes can usually be stamped into the surface so that a unique look is achieved. For example, animal shapes, sports themes, and custom patterns can all be stamped into the ground using this method. Many homeowners enjoy the look of stone, marble, tile, or brick, which is why they may opt to have these textures stamped into their floor, as this method is usually cheaper than such materials. Thus, concrete floor finishes not only often create a unique look, but they can also add some elegance to a yard or garage that looks otherwise typical.

Another of the concrete floor finishes that allows texturing is the broom finish, and this method is easy to use. As its name suggests, this technique just requires a broom to sweep over wet concrete, with the result depending on how light or hard the broom bristles are pushed into the surface. In fact, the width of the bristles and the amount of space between them can make a big difference, which is why it is important to consider the desired look before choosing a broom. Different brooms can even be used on the same surface to create a particularly interesting texture, though it usually only takes one broom to get a clean, classic look.

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    • A man smoothing out a concrete floor.
      By: Lilyana Vynogradova
      A man smoothing out a concrete floor.