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What Are the Different Types of Computer Luggage?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Computer luggage is any type of luggage specifically designed to hold a computer. The luggage is usually designed for a laptop or tablet, though some less common models of computer luggage are designed for transport of full-size desktop computers. Some of the most common types of luggage for transporting a laptop or tablet include messenger bags, rolling luggage, and attache bags. Most luggage designed for computers feature a sleeve specifically designed to hold the computer, and many are padded for extra protection while storing the luggage in an overhead compartment on an airplane or in the trunk of a car.

Rolling computer luggage is exceptionally popular because of its functionality and ability to protect the computer thoroughly. This type of luggage features plastic or gel wheels fixed to the bottom of the bag, as well as a telescoping handle that can be extended so a user can pull the piece through an airport, train station, and so on. The luggage itself usually features several pockets, one of which is specifically designed to store a laptop computer. This pocket will feature a padded insert to protect the computer, and sometimes even a hook and loop strap to keep the computer in position during transport. The other pockets may be designed to hold computer cables, cell phones, files, books, and so on.

Computer luggage may include a case for a tablet.
Computer luggage may include a case for a tablet.

A messenger bag is a type of computer luggage usually worn over one shoulder. The bag itself may feature one large compartment, or it may feature separated compartments, one of which is designed specifically to hold the laptop or tablet. The bag can be made from a variety of materials; the most common materials used are, polyester, or vinyl, though other materials such as cotton or canvas can be used as well.

Briefcases and attaches are sometimes designed to hold a laptop computer or tablet. The inside of the briefcase or attache case can feature a sleeve or compartment for securing the laptop or tablet in place during transport, and other pockets may designed to hold power cables or other accessories.

Larger, desktop-style computers will take a much larger piece of computer luggage for transportation. Desktop computers tend to be quite large and often feature several components, so a hard shell case or several cases will most likely be necessary for safe transport. These cases can be quite expensive, since they are often made of thick plastic and lined with cushioning foam.

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Can anyone recommend a good brand of luggage that is stylish and that has rolling computer bags in their line?

I will be going on several business trips abroad and want something that looks good and also keeps my computer safe. If it has extra space for a tablet that would also be idea.

When I went to the luggage store they tried to sell me on their Samsonite luggage, and while I know that is a great brand, I don't mind using discount luggage to save a few bucks. All of the Samsonite luggage they showed me cost a lot, so if you could recommend something with the same quality, but perhaps cheaper, that would be great.


When I am traveling a lot I like to make sure that I have computer carry-on luggage that is easy to take around the airport My laptop is a bit big and I've found that having computer luggage on wheels really saves my back when I am roaming around the airport for hours on end waiting for a flight.

The best style of carry-on bag I have found is the wheeled computer bags that double as a backpack. You can just slip your computer into the designated compartment and it is easy to remove during customs. Plus, because of the style and size of the backpack you generally don't need a second carry on item, which saves a lot of hassle.


An alternative to specialized laptop luggage, especially if you do not travel often, is to simply get a padded zipper case and use it in your regular backpack or wheelie bag. This will work best, though, if the rest of the bag is packed with things that are not too heavy and not too irregularly shaped - like binders with a few papers in them, or neatly folded clothing.

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    • Computer luggage may include a case for a tablet.
      By: Rido
      Computer luggage may include a case for a tablet.