What are the Different Types of Computer Certification?

Rhonda Rivera

Quite a few categories of computer certifications exist. Some certifications prove that a person knows how general computer hardware and operating systems work, and how to keep them working. Other certifications relate to software and hardware that was designed by a specific technology manufacturer, and is supported by a private entity instead of a neutral body. Another type of computer certification relates to aptitudes in different types of web design technology. Lastly, there are also computer certifications that relate to networking technologies, maintaining computer security, as well as fighting cyber crime.

Computer repair technicians usually gain hands on experience outside of the classroom.
Computer repair technicians usually gain hands on experience outside of the classroom.

Some computer certifications relate to the maintenance and repair of computer hardware and software. While there are also certifications for specific hardware manufacturers, one highly recognized computer certification that is acknowledged by many organizations is the CompTIA A+® certification. This certification focuses on the fundamental knowledge of personal computer hardware. The general goal of the computer certification is to demonstrate that the certified technician understands the personal computer hardware, how to identify problems with it, as well as how to repair it. This certification also proves general knowledge of widely used computer operating systems, and how to configure and test them.

Computer certifications may relate to the maintenance and repair of computer hardware.
Computer certifications may relate to the maintenance and repair of computer hardware.

At times a computer certification will be vendor specific, meaning that it relates directly to a technology or technologies that are developed and maintained by a specific commercial or non-commercial entity. For example, Apple Inc. has a wide variety of computer certifications, some of which relate to proving competency with selections of their software, while others relate to performing maintenance on their unique hardware. In addition, a computer networking company called Cisco Systems supports a range of computer certifications relating to their many networking technologies, such as voice communications and security infrastructure. While there are also generalized computer certifications for categories such as computer maintenance and networking, many information technology vendors have specialized certifications that prove different levels of competency with their hardware and software.

There are also website design certifications which demonstrate knowledge about designing and implementing different aspects of websites. For example, there are certifications that help a professional demonstrate aptitude with web development languages such as the hypertext markup language and cascading style sheets. Other design computer certifications may relate to vendor specific technologies such as Adobe® Flash®, as well as advanced combinations of many different design techniques.

A couple other computer certification categories are related to networking and security. Computer networking certifications typically relate to the configuration and management of different network systems and devices, such as wireless devices and the coordination of large scale computer backups and installations. There are also many certifications that relate to computer security, which can range from topics such as computer forensics to securing large corporate networks.

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