What Are the Different Types of Christmas Fudge?

Lori Kilchermann

Nuts, mint and maple are all common Christmas fudge ingredients and flavors. Rich chocolate, such as German chocolate, and liqueurs are also used to create decadent Christmas fudge. Christmas fudge is also available in candy cane, peppermint and mint flavors. Other types of holiday fudge include peanut butter, maple walnut and raspberry.

Some Christmas fudge recipes call for the addition of hard peppermint candy.
Some Christmas fudge recipes call for the addition of hard peppermint candy.

Peppermint is a popular holiday flavor, and is used to flavor some types of Christmas fudge. Candy cane fudge features sweetened condensed milk and peppermint extract, plus vanilla baking chips. It also contains crushed candy canes and food coloring of green or red hues. Peppermint chocolate fudge is made with milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. It also features peppermint extract and crushed, hard peppermint candy.

Maple sap typically flows from trees in the fall, just in time for holiday baking. Maple fudge is made with maple syrup, light corn syrup and light cream. It also features vanilla extract and chopped walnuts. Maple walnut fudge is made with evaporated milk, miniature marshmallows and white chocolate chips. It also features chopped walnuts, maple-flavored extract and walnut pieces.

Green is one of the dominant colors of Christmas, and the color can be featured in holiday food. Mint chocolate fudge is a two-layer fudge, with a brown bottom layer of chocolate and a top layer of mint green. The fudge features semisweet chocolate chips, peppermint extract and green food coloring. German chocolate fudge features semisweet chocolate chips, German sweet chocolate and marshmallow creme. It also features white sugar, butter and evaporated milk.

Flavored liqueurs can be used to add a distinct flavor to Christmas fudge creations. Irish cream truffle fudge is made with semisweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and butter. It also includes confectioners' sugar, Irish cream liqueur and chopped nuts. Orange-flavored fudge is made with miniature marshmallows, chopped pecans and orange liqueur.

Peanut butter fudge is often a family favorite and can be paired with chocolate. Christmas fudge features peanut butter, marshmallow creme and vanilla. It also has sugar, butter and evaporated milk. Chocolate peanut butter fudge combines the two flavors and is made with sugar, cocoa and milk. It also features peanut butter, vanilla extract and butter.

Raspberries are rich in flavor and often featured in holiday treats. Raspberry-flavored fudge includes raspberry truffle fudge, which is double-layered with a chocolate layer on the bottom and a raspberry layer on the top. The fudge is made with semi-sweet chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract. It also features heavy cream, raspberry-flavored liqueur and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Raspberry fudge balls are made with semisweet chocolate chips, seedless raspberry jam and finely chopped almonds.

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