What Are the Different Types of Christmas Business Ideas?

G. Wiesen

Different Christmas business ideas often rely upon particular goods or services needed around the Christmas holiday. Someone can, for example, establish a business that focuses on creating custom cards and market a number of them specifically as Christmas cards that others can purchase and send. Catering services can also be provided during the holidays, though many countries require that such businesses operate out of an inspected and approved kitchen. Similar services that may generate Christmas business ideas include holiday decorating, in which a person can be hired by someone else to decorate a home or office, as well as gift-buying services.

Offering to write letters from Santa Claus might generate some holiday business.
Offering to write letters from Santa Claus might generate some holiday business.

One of the easiest ways for someone to come up with Christmas business ideas is to focus on the products or services that are often needed during the holidays. While some people may enjoy making cards to send to family or friends, or purchasing some from a store, others may want a customized or homemade feel without all of the time and work. A business or individual could provide such goods by making custom Christmas cards and then selling them to others. Similar types of Christmas business ideas include the creation of custom ornaments and other products that are specifically needed during the Christmas season.

Some businesses might accept letters to Santa and write back to children.
Some businesses might accept letters to Santa and write back to children.

There are also a number of Christmas business ideas that stem from services someone can provide, with a special focus on the needs of people around the holidays. While there are catering services that work year-round, additional catering may be required by some people around Christmas for parties and similar events. Providing this type of service, through cooking and baking, can be an excellent business for a private individual or a group of associates. In many countries, however, food preparation for such catering must be done in an approved kitchen, so care should be taken to ensure these types of laws are observed.

Other Christmas business ideas can include a number of services that people may find useful around the holiday season. Decoration services, for example, can be provided by someone for a business or person who does not have time to decorate. There are also professional shoppers who offer gift-buying, not only in terms of physically purchasing an item but even offering guidance regarding choosing the gifts that are purchased. Some companies can provide gift-wrapping for clients, and there are businesses and private individuals that specialize in writing letters for children from Santa Claus, which are mailed and received either before or after Christmas.

Many businesses create unique or custom-made Christmas ornaments.
Many businesses create unique or custom-made Christmas ornaments.

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@miriam98 - I have an idea. I’ve heard that many people get depressed and blue around the holidays, and that tragically this is the highest time of the year for suicides.

Why not set up a counseling service that offers special services during this time? You could probably cut your rates so that they are more reasonable for people to use your service.

Offer therapy sessions to help people get through the holiday season or at least offer to hook them up to a support group of other caring individuals. This service can be an extension of an existing counseling service or it can be something new.


@SkyWhisperer- I think you have two categories of business ideas here. You have those ideas that are specific to the Christmas season, like creating ornaments and stuff like that.

Then you have those businesses that offer generic services, but can be tailored to the Christmas season when that holiday rolls around. Catering is a perfect example. It’s useful all year long, but professional caterers will probably have Christmas menus and specials they can offer.

Of these two categories, I think the latter is the best. Have a service that sells year round but can be customized to the holiday season too. That way you always have a stream of revenue year round.

Otherwise you’ll be like those places that sell 4th of July fireworks. They are busy the 4th of July and maybe New Year’s, and that’s it; they have to fund their operations through revenue brought in on those two seasons in the year.


Speaking of greeting cards around the holidays, let’s not forget about digital Christmas greeting cards. These are multimedia presentations that can be customized and sent to people or viewed on a browser.

A lot of these are free but I can certainly see how you could offer a customized service. You could offer to send a special message using various media templates and different musical accompaniments.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive service, and the low cost should make it appealing to a lot of people. You can probably find software too that will enable you to create these multimedia greeting cards quite easily.

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