What are the Different Types of Children's Boxing Bags?

Nick Mann

Boxing is an activity that can provide both exercise and recreational therapy for children of all ages. It's an effective way to keep kids healthy and fit while simultaneously providing a positive outlet for safely relieving aggression. Children's boxing bags can essentially be divided into four types which include inflatable, adjustable, lightweight hanging and heavy hanging bags. Each type has its pros and cons, and knowing the differences between each variety should help most parents select the ideal boxing bag for their child.

Man boxing
Man boxing

Inflatable children's boxing bags are the most simple and inexpensive type. They are similar to the classic inflatable dolls that often have a clown or cartoon hero painted on them. Inflatable bags are mainly intended for younger children under the age of five. The lightweight design minimizes the risk that children will injure themselves during play. Inflatable bags are often ideal for very small children who are just starting out and getting a feel for boxing.

Adjustable children's boxing bags typically come with a stand that can be raised or lowered to accommodate children of varying heights. They are usually more expensive than inflatable bags and are weighted to the floor with either water or sand to keep them in place. Adjustable bags are mainly intended for children between the ages of four to ten and weigh substantially more than inflatable bags. They tend to be middle of the road in terms of price.

Another type of children's boxing bags are lightweight hanging, or "speed" bags. They are the smallest type of boxing bags, and are usually hung from a platform or ceiling. Lightweight hanging bags require the most accurate punches, and are mainly geared toward children older than ten with at least a moderate skill level. Parents should be aware that they can be unsafe for small children because they fire back once hit, which can occasionally result in mild injury. They are more similar to adult boxing bags in design and tend to be more expensive than inflatable and adjustable bags.

Heavy hanging bags are also hung from a platform or ceiling, but are much larger and heavier than their lightweight counterparts. This type of bag is also intended for children older than ten with a low to moderate level of experience. They are safer than lightweight bags because they build momentum much more slowly when hit. Heavy hanging bags are usually the most expensive type of bag.

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