What Are the Different Types of Campaign Materials?

Lumara Lee

Whether a charitable organization is running a campaign to solicit donations or a person is running for elected office, there are many campaign materials available. Signs, buttons, pins, bumper stickers, and magnets are commonly used to publicize a candidate, issue, or organization. Posters, jar openers, pens, emery boards, and fans are some other popular campaign materials.

Volunteers typically have access to a wide variety of campaign materials.
Volunteers typically have access to a wide variety of campaign materials.

Signs are the most visible campaign materials and can quickly capture the public’s attention. They are available in different sizes and designs to fit any budget. Yard signs generally range from around 12 by 15 inches (30.5 by 38 centimeters) to 4 feet by 8 feet (1.2 by 2.4 meters), and information can be printed on one or both sides. Corrugated yard signs are the most common ones used in campaigns because they can slide onto an inexpensive wire frame shaped like the letter H. The other ends of the wire frame are pressed into the ground to secure the sign.

Brochures are one type of campaign material.
Brochures are one type of campaign material.

Clothing and accessories are often used as campaign materials. During election season, people wearing sun visors, tee shirts, and baseball caps printed with a candidate’s name are a common sight at barbecues, gatherings, stadiums, and other public events. Candidates can be seen passing out pens and pencils personalized with their names. Insulated drink cozies, balloons, and rulers printed with the candidate’s name are some other popular campaign materials.

Volunteers or candidates going door to door to promote their name or their cause have access to a wide variety of campaign materials. Palm cards are the size of business cards and are printed on card stock. They are often printed with the candidate’s name on one side and a sports calendar on the other.

Palm cards and one-page flyers are the cheapest campaign materials a candidate can employ because printing costs are inexpensive. Going door to door will save the costs of mailing information and provide a personal touch. A card, flyer, or brochure can be handed to the person who answers the door or stuck in the crack between the door and the frame when no one is home. Door hangers can be hung on door knobs where they will be easily seen when the residents return home.

Many candidates use magnets to advertise their campaigns. Some magnets are small and are made to stick to a refrigerator. Other magnets are large, flexible, and designed to adhere to vehicles. Magnets make a more permanent statement than paper flyers and brochures which can easily be thrown away, and magnets are practical since people can use them.

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Regardless of the types of items candidates use to advertise their campaign, they have to get them out to the people who will vote. A great way to do this is for them to take part in parades in their communities and hand them out to the people who gather to watch. This also provides opportunities for candidates to get to the the people in their communities who they are trying to win votes from.


Advertising on small calendars or day planners are also great ways to advertise a candidacy. These are helpful items that people will use, plus they are often kept close by, used often, and possibly even shared with others who can help get the word about about the candidate.


I have a friend who ran for a position as county commissioner, and used can cozies to advertise his campaign. He gave them out in the summer before the election so people could use them to keep their beverages cold while keeping his name in full sight. This is a good idea because it is an item that people will use over and over instead of just throwing it away.

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