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What Are the Different Types of Calamari Pasta?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Calamari is a type of small squid, which can be prepared alongside pasta or in a number of delicious pasta dishes. There are many recipes available online and in various cookbooks for this tantalizing treat. Fried calamari is one of the more popular versions of this food and can be incorporated into various calamari pasta dishes as well.

A baked dish is a great way to incorporate the taste and consistency of fried calamari without the extra time or trouble. Add pasta to a casserole dish, add enough sauce to cover pasta, and top with calamari. Cover calamari with buttered bread crumbs and bake until seafood is cooked, golden brown and crisp on top, and pasta and sauce are warmed through.

Fresh squid is used for calamari.
Fresh squid is used for calamari.

One popular dish is made from ringed pasta. The pasta mimics the look of calamari rings, creating an enticing appearance to go along with the taste. Garlic, wine, and parsley are added for a light, simple, meal. Vegetables can also be tossed in if desired.

Sauces and garnishes can make calamari pasta delicious. Try calamari over spaghetti pasta with a simple sauce made from tomato sauce, wine, and parsley. Baked macaroni and calamari might be a new twist on a favorite. Any of these recipes can be served with fresh, crusty bread and butter on the side or simply served alone with an attractive garnish.

For another tomato-based dish, make a favorite spaghetti sauce recipe excluding sausage or other types of meat. Instead, combine calamari, scallops, and shrimp or any other desired seafood. Serve hot over well-drained angel hair pasta.

Calamari can be used in many pasta dishes.
Calamari can be used in many pasta dishes.

As noted, calamari also goes great with other types of seafood such as lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, and even some types of fish. Many people enjoy a nice seafood stew or chowder made with a combination of several different types of seafood. The best part is that after enjoying this dish, the leftovers can be used as a simple sauce over any type of pasta.

Iced tea goes well with calamari pastas.
Iced tea goes well with calamari pastas.

While many popular calamari pasta dishes are served hot, there are also recipes for cold calamari pasta dishes. Pasta can be prepared as usual, drained, and then placed in the refrigerator to chill. Cook the calamari in a mixture of wine, a drizzle of olive oil, and a selection of favorite spices. Separate the sauce and the calamari and put both in the fridge until chilled through. Toss all ingredients together and serve with a tall glass of iced tea and a fresh salad. This is a great option for offering a cool, refreshing meal on a hot summer night.

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@burcinc-- That's a great idea, to prepare calamari and pasta separately and top the pasta with calamari last.

My husband makes some great calamari steaks. I bet they would go great with some pasta. I think a pasta with a tomato based sauce would be best. I'm definitely going to try this next time we make calamari steaks. We usually make them grilled on the barbecue and marinated beforehand.


@donasmrs- I'm sure it'll turn out fine. You might want to make the calamari breaded and fried on top of creamy pasta. I think it will taste best that way. But it might also worked with boiled or grilled calamari. It's really up to your preference.

I've made some of my favorite pasta dishes with calamari. I've even made stuffed calamari pasta dish. It's basically cheese stuffed baked calamari on top of pasta. It's very, very good.

Feel free to experiment with your favorite recipes, incorporating calamari in any way you like. If you're not sure about how it'll turn out, you could make a small batch to test. Otherwise, follow a calamari pasta recipe that you can easily find online and in some seafood or pasta cookbooks.


I have a creamy chicken pasta recipe that's quite delicious. And I have some frozen calamari in my fridge that I need to use up. Can I possibly replace the chicken in this dish with the calamari? Will it turn out okay or should I not try this at all? I don't want to waste my calamari if it isn't going to turn out okay.

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    • Fresh squid is used for calamari.
      Fresh squid is used for calamari.
    • Calamari can be used in many pasta dishes.
      By: Shawn Hempel
      Calamari can be used in many pasta dishes.
    • Iced tea goes well with calamari pastas.
      By: okinawakasawa
      Iced tea goes well with calamari pastas.