What Are the Different Types of Business Planning Tools?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
Business planning tools can play a major role in any venture's success.
Business planning tools can play a major role in any venture's success.

Business planning software and start-up guides are two of the initial tools that a person may want to invest in when beginning a business venture. Considering the positive impact of a well-planned budget, software that helps to create one is also a worthy investment. Tools such as employment agreements and management resources often be found online. Furthermore, it is wise to consider investing in analytical tools, which can help to guide the direction of the business at various stages.

A severe mistake that is commonly made by those pursuing new ventures is setting out without proper knowledge of what they are doing, what they need to do, and what they need to avoid. For many pursuits, the needed information can be obtained through start-up guides. Though they are commonly made available as publications, start-up guides may also be available in other media forms, such as on DVDs or as podcasts. Individuals who plan to use these business planning tools should take the time to assess the quality of their selections, because these can play a major role in the venture's success.

Many people are also unaware of how fundamental structure and direction can be. A business plan is one of the best ways to remain goal oriented and to keep efforts and focus on the correct course. Developing a business plan, however, is often a difficult task. To reduce the burden and to help ensure that the business plan is full and effective, individuals are often encouraged to obtain software designed for this purpose.

If an individual knows what she is looking for, the Internet can be a valuable source for obtaining a wealth of business planning tools. For example, employment materials such as interview and hiring strategies are often available. Also helpful are employment agreements and a wide variety of sample contracts, such as those used to establish relationships with third-party service providers or clients.

Budgeting is also an important part of a successful start-up. This is a practice that should be continued even once the business ages. There are two types of resources that are commonly used to satisfy these needs, financial professionals and software. The best option generally depends on the knowledge of the individual who will be responsible for ensuring that this task is done and the complexity of the business. As accounting resources are likely to be needed as well, it is best to choose an option that can satisfy both needs on an ongoing basis instead of having separate business planning tools for these tasks.

Analytical business planning tools are also commonly recommended. These help to assess various aspects of planned actions and of current situations. They generally function by allowing a variety of information to be input and applying algorithms that produce a wide range of assessments, such as those that identify strengths and weaknesses and those that produce forecasts.

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    • Business planning tools can play a major role in any venture's success.
      By: WavebreakMediaMicro
      Business planning tools can play a major role in any venture's success.