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What Are the Different Types of Bridesmaid Updos?

Amber Eberle
Amber Eberle

Updos are very popular hairstyles for weddings; many brides choose to have their hair styled in an updo on their wedding day, and a bride may ask her bridesmaids to wear their hair up as well. Bridesmaid updos work best on medium to long hair, although a woman with short hair can have hair extensions added if she desires. The bridal party may all wear the same style, or each woman can wear an updo of her choice for the wedding ceremony. Updos commonly worn by bridesmaids include buns, French twists, or curls pinned on the back of or on top of the head.

A bun is a versatile style, with the hair either being pulled back and knotted at the nape of the neck or gathered and twisted on top of the head. With these kinds of bridesmaid updos, the hair can be pulled back tightly for a sleek look, or the hair can be gathered loosely for a less structured, more romantic appearance. To make the hair look thicker, a bun roller styling tool can be used, or hair extensions can be added. Fresh flowers are often added to buns that are worn for a wedding to enhance the hairstyle.

A bun can be elegant, and requires little time or effort.
A bun can be elegant, and requires little time or effort.

A French twist is a classic and elegant hairstyle which makes it a good option for bridesmaid updos. This hairstyle involves pulling the hair back, twisting the hair, and securing the roll of hair to the back of the head. The ends of the hair are usually tucked under the roll and then secured with hair pins. This style can also be pulled back tightly and sleekly, or the hair at the crown of the head can be teased with a comb to give the front section more volume. A jeweled hair comb or fancy hair pins are a good addition to a French twist hairstyle.

Structured updos tend to look more formal and sophisticated.
Structured updos tend to look more formal and sophisticated.

A number of different bridesmaid updos can be styled from medium to long hair that is curled. A popular curled updo is achieved by pinning all of the curls on top of the head. The look of this hairstyle will vary depending on whether the curls are tight or loose. Hair can also be pinned to the side of the head or on the back of the head with hair pins. Bridesmaid updos that are loosely pinned tend to look more romantic, while more structured updos tend to look more formal and sophisticated.

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@ddljohn-- I think a braided updo is nice. I don't think it's over the top. I'm actually planning on having some braids in my updo on my cousin's wedding. I'm her maid of honor and she's having the ceremony in a garden. She asked all her bridesmaids to have an updo.

I want some braids because I have really thin hair, I think braids add texture and there is no rule that braided hair has to be perfectly neat. I can have them make it loose or slightly messy if I want.

I'm even thinking of having them put in a ribbon for some color. I think it'll be nice. I'm open to other ideas though. Does anyone have any other updo ideas?


I love a side swept knot type updo for bridesmaids. I'm not really into the tight buns or braid decorated buns because I think that looks very formal. I also think that the bride's updo should be the most extravagant one and she should be the one to have braids and embellishments.

When I was a bridesmaid I had my hair pulled back as a pony tail first. And then the stylist parted and curled them and pinned them in a slightly messy but still elegant knot. It was really pretty and chic, I loved it. If I was a bridesmaid again, I'd probably do the same except make it a side swept one.


I was a bridemaid for my friend last year. I was on a short budget so what I did was I had the hair stylist curl my hair. I knew it would take me forever to curl my hair at home on the day of the wedding. So after I had my hair curled at the salon, I did a half-updo myself. I just put half of my hair up with pins and sprayed it down.

I had medium length hair at that time and it looked really nice. Plus, I only paid half the price of what I would have paid. If I had them put up half of my hair at the salon, I would have paid full price because it's still considered an "updo."

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    • A bun can be elegant, and requires little time or effort.
      By: Yurok Aleksandrovich
      A bun can be elegant, and requires little time or effort.
    • Structured updos tend to look more formal and sophisticated.
      By: Dash
      Structured updos tend to look more formal and sophisticated.