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What Are the Different Types of Braided Updos?

M.C. Huguelet
M.C. Huguelet

Depending upon how they are executed, braided updos can add a touch of elegance or a bohemian flair to any look. Among the most popular polished braided updos are the braided bun and the tucked French braid. Those seeking casual, trendy braided updos may wish to try a half or full wreath style.

Certain types of braided updos can produce a sleek, polished look appropriate for formal events. One such look is the braided bun. To execute this look, the hair is gathered at the nape of the neck, braided, coiled into a bun, and then secured in place with bobby pins. A modern variation on this simple style can be achieved by braiding one or more small sections of hair before executing a braided bun as normal. These small braided sections will be worked into the larger braid, adding visual interest to the style.

Braided updos can add a touch of elegance to a look.
Braided updos can add a touch of elegance to a look.

The tucked French braid is another braided updo which can produce a sophisticated look. Achieving this look is generally fairly straightforward, and begins with the arrangement of the hair into a French braid. This is done by gathering a section of hair from the crown of the head and beginning to braid it as normal. Before crossing an outer strand of the braid over the center strand, a bit of loose hair is added to that strand until all hair has been incorporated into the braid. Finally, the ends of the hair are tucked beneath the braid at the nape of the neck, and held in place with bobby pins.

Those who would prefer laid-back, bohemian braided updos might wish to try a wreath style. This style has many possible variations, and is well suited to experimentation. Perhaps the most basic version of the wreath style involves parting the hair down the center and then arranging it in two braids. Both of these braids can then be wrapped around the bottom half of the head and pinned into place, forming a half wreath. Alternatively, one of the braids can be wound over the crown of the hair while one is wound around the bottom half of the head, resulting in a full wreath.

Possible variations on the wreath style are limited only by one’s creativity and hairstyling abilities. Using the French braiding technique when creating a wreath style can produce a visually-pleasing look, for instance, as can weaving ribbons into one’s braids. Those who find it difficult to braid the sections of the hair that cannot easily be seen in the mirror might consider enlisting the help of a friend.

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    • Braided updos can add a touch of elegance to a look.
      By: gromovataya
      Braided updos can add a touch of elegance to a look.