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What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Wall Units?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

People who would like to increase their bedroom storage space may want to consider using wall units. Some bedroom wall units are much like a closet and contain hanging rods and drawers. Others might be used for a television set or books, and these bedroom furnishings could include shelves or cabinet space. This bedroom furniture might be a freestanding unit, which is a single piece, or portable sections that could be arranged to fit along a wall or inside a closet.

One reason why people use bedroom wall units is because they want to increase their closet space. For this reason, this bedroom furniture often has a space for hanging clothes in it. There may be dresser drawers along the bottom or pull-out racks for holding shoes. One of these bedroom decorations may also have a mirror on the front, or one could be placed on the inside of one of the doors.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Some bedroom wall units function as entertainment centers. One of these bedroom storage pieces could have adjustable shelves, which make it easy to store a television, stereo, or video disc player. These could have doors on the front, which hide electronic equipment when it is not in use. Some of these types of bedroom furnishings may be dual-purpose, in that they hold both clothes and personal items. A wardrobe such as this may have a hanging rod on one side and shelves on the other side so that it can function as a closet and an entertainment center.

There are different types of bedroom wall units for children and adults. One intended for a child's room might be painted in bright colors or have cartoons, animals, or toys stenciled on them. These are more likely to have open shelves so that children can access them easily. When this bedroom furniture is manufactured for adults, it normally has stained or varnished wood tones without any brightly-colored adornments.

People can use bedroom wall units in a closet, master bathroom, or the bedroom itself. When placed in a sleeping area, most bedroom storage pieces are freestanding units that are not mounted to the wall. Those used in closets or bathrooms could consist of portable sections that can be arranged to fit the available space and the needs of the homeowner. These may sometimes be attached to the wall or connected together with bolts or screws, especially if any of the sections contain closet rods or dresser drawers.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing