What Are the Different Types of Bearded Dragon Supplies?

Meshell Powell

Before deciding to get a bearded dragon as a pet, it is important to consider all of the different supplies that will be needed in order to properly take care of this type of lizard. Some of the necessary bearded dragon supplies include proper housing, lighting, and temperature control devices. Special attention should also be given to the nutritional needs of the lizard. Additional bearded dragon supplies should include bedding materials, decorations, and a place for the dragon to hide. Any questions or concerns about proper bearded dragon supplies should be directed to a veterinarian who is familiar with the care of lizards.

Crickets are a staple of the bearded dragon's diet.
Crickets are a staple of the bearded dragon's diet.

Choosing adequate housing is one of the chief concerns when purchasing bearded dragon supplies. A glass tank, such as an aquarium, is usually considered to be the best housing choice for this type of pet. The enclosure should be fitted with a screen-type lid that will contain the lizard while allowing proper air flow. A wooden or plastic enclosure may be used if desired, although glass is typically preferred for easier viewing.

Bearded dragons need proper housing, as well as lots of heat and light.
Bearded dragons need proper housing, as well as lots of heat and light.

Light fixtures and heating devices are essential bearded dragon supplies. UV lighting, such as fluorescent bulbs, should be used inside the enclosure. This helps the dragon to properly digest food and usually causes a more pleasant mood for the pet. A heating device should be used inside the tank, although only a portion of the tank should be heated. This allows the dragon to move in and out of the heat as necessary, as a lizard's body is not able to regulate temperature on its own.

A separate source of heat, such as a heating pad, should be used underneath the enclosure. A basking light is ideal for the bearded dragon as well. At least two thermometers should be inside the tank at all times, ensuring that both sides of the enclosure remain at a healthy temperature for the pet. Two water dishes should be inside the enclosure at all times, one for drinking water and one for bathing or soaking.

Paper towels are the best type of bedding to use for the bearded dragon, although sand or carpet made specifically for reptiles may be used as well. Decorations such as logs or rocks are normally appreciated by these lizards, as they love to climb and explore. Also among the necessary bearded dragon supplies is a safe place for the pet to hide. Crickets and meal worms are staples of the dragon's diet, although freshly chopped vegetables are also necessary. Dietary supplements are available in most pet food stores to make sure that the dragon is receiving proper nutrition.

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