What Are the Different Types of Balcony Sets?

Susan Grindstaff

Balcony sets can typically be purchased in a variety of styles and different methods of construction. In most cases, the higher the quality of construction, the more expensive the price tag. Some of the most popular balcony sets are constructed of wrought iron, treated wood, and PVC pipe, and while many balcony sets include upholstered cushions, some do not. Before purchasing furnishings for a balcony, the homeowners should first give some thought to the type of space they want to create, as the furniture will typically set the overall theme of the décor.

PVC pipes are often used in modern balcony sets.
PVC pipes are often used in modern balcony sets.

Wrought iron balcony sets are generally much more expensive than other types of outdoor furnishings. The material and construction is typically superior, and with proper care these sets can often last a lifetime. One of the drawbacks to these sets, however, is that because of their weight they may not be suitable for all balconies. Homeowners thinking of using wrought iron balcony furniture should check with an expert to be sure their balcony is structurally suitable and strong enough to support the weight.

Wood balcony sets are popular because they are available in many different types of wood, with varying degrees of pricing. Teak and mahogany sets are often quite expensive, but can typically withstand a great deal of punishment from both weather and wear. Less expensive woods such as pine and birch are also frequently used for balcony sets, but these materials are not as durable, even when they are treated for weather resistance. Wood balcony furniture is generally lighter weight than wrought iron, but it is still probably a good idea to be sure that the weight of the set does not exceed what the balcony can safely accommodate.

Many modern balcony sets are made using hollow plastic pipe such as PVC. These sets are much less expensive than either wood or iron, and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. The weight of a PVC balcony set is minimal, which makes them a good choice for smaller balconies that are unable to support a great deal of weight.

In most cases, adapting a balcony set to a particular décor usually involves careful selection of seat cushions and coverings. Patterns and fabrics should fit the overall theme, and since most balconies are open and exposed to outdoor elements, a good set will come with cushions covered with durable and weather-resistant materials. Cushion covers should ideally be removable so that they can be easily laundered.

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