What Are the Different Types of Attic Wardrobes?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Wardrobes may include boots.
Wardrobes may include boots.

When performing attic renovation, many homeowners like to custom design furniture for this space. As a result, many attic wardrobes are short and narrow to fit along an end wall or next to a set of stairs. These could be closed or open storage units containing clothes rods, drawers, or shelves. Some models are made of wood, while others are constructed of metal or vinyl. Attic wardrobes can also be portable units that fold up or they might have casters on the bottom.

The height of an attic space is normally much shorter than that of other areas. This means attic wardrobes often need to be smaller to account for this. Some wardrobes may be custom designed to maximize the available storage space, which means they are often placed in locations that might otherwise be unusable. As a result, many of these may be around 4 feet (1.2 m) high when placed along an end wall, but only 3 feet (0.92 m) high if placed near a stairwell.

Attic wardrobes can be very simple or elaborate units that have very versatile features. Some models may be completely open in front, while others include doors over certain sections. Wardrobe doors sometimes swing outward, lift up, or slide from side to side. Since a variety of items can be placed in attic storage, this furniture could provide many options for doing so. Some of them might have rods or drawers for clothing along with wide or narrow shelves for storing linens, books, or toys.

A variety of materials can be used to make attic wardrobes. Ones that are custom-built for a particular space are typically made of wood. Cedar is a popular choice, as it tends to repel insects. Commercial cabinets could be made from metal or vinyl. These are normally more resistant to changes in temperature, so one of these models could be a good choice if the attic space is not heated or cooled.

Many homeowners like to move their wardrobes from time to time, so many attic wardrobes are portable. Some examples of this are vinyl wardrobes used to hold clothing, as one of these closets can typically be folded up when not in use. Metal units sometimes have wheels on the bottom so they can easily be transported to a different location. Portable wardrobes could also consist of wooden pieces, which can be mixed and matched to create a custom look to match any type of attic decor.

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    • Wardrobes may include boots.
      Wardrobes may include boots.