What Are the Different Types of Artistic Wallpaper?

Liz Thomas
Liz Thomas
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

There are many different types of artistic wallpaper available. Homeowners now have options for virtually any room to create a theme or enhance a room's style. Possibilities include vintage style products, custom made products and those that are specifically designed by an artist. The wallpaper can also be made of a variety of materials including vinyl film, cloth, and paper. Varying options may function in different ways as the color and pattern may unify a room, highlight art or serve as the room's main focal point.

Several companies have commissioned artists to design these wall coverings. These wallpapers resemble murals and may focus on a specific theme. There may be different images on each wall within these murals. In this instance the wallpaper functions as artwork rather than a wall covering.

Many homeowners will use patterned artistic wallpaper to enhance the artwork already in a home. Bold patterns have been used traditionally in historic homes. These patterns not only allow the artwork to standout, but they can also be an unifying element in the room. Many artists think of this as incorporating nature into the room, as in the outdoors there are many different textures working at once.

It is possible for decorators to create custom artistic designs using his own drawings, paintings, and photographs. This custom wallpaper can be used in any room. Companies will take the image and print it onto the chosen material. Decorators do not have to worry about limitations with this option. If an appropriate wallpaper cannot be found then one can be custom made.

Vintage style options are another type of artistic wallpaper choice and in many instances considered a work of art. Victorian wallpaper used distinctive colors and patterns on the wall. Historically, the product was often made of cloth, rather than paper. Some of the most historic and famous vintage styles were designed by William Morris. There are a range of vintage options for each century and design style.

Artistic wallpaper does not only refer to those with interesting patterns and murals. The material used in creating wallpaper can give it an artistic feel. While the vast majority of modern choices are made of vinyl film, textile fabrics are also quite popular. Textiles used include grass cloth, linen or cotton over a paper backing. Hand screened wallpaper is another option, though because the paper is created by hand, the pattern may not be uniform.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip