What Are the Different Types of Advanced PowerPoint® Training?

Angela Farrer

The different types of advanced PowerPoint® training are in specialty areas such as adding sound and video, linking to data in other office software programs, and using graphical animations effectively. Many advanced courses in PowerPoint® also cover the processes of collaborating on slide show projects and of creating custom layouts. The demand for compelling presentations in the business world makes investing in advanced PowerPoint® training worthwhile for companies in many industries. Key principles in this type of upper-level learning include the use of appealing design choices and straightforward presentation techniques.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Professionals at varying career levels can benefit from advanced PowerPoint® training as this particular slide show software becomes more sophisticated. Classes in PowerPoint® are readily available online or in person at many two-year colleges or vocational schools. The best advanced training for each student depends on the time, cost, and a student's objectives.

Many people who make slide show presentations to large groups of people find they need to capture their audience's attention quickly and keep their interest from start to finish. Advanced PowerPoint® training can be particularly helpful for businesses that stage exhibits at industry trade shows. A well-made PowerPoint® presentation with sound and video will give a good overview of a company's products and services without overwhelming or confusing potential new sales leads. Advanced learning in this area of PowerPoint® entails methods for adding sound effects and video clips only where they make sense and serve a purpose in the presentation's overall message.

Another common topic in advanced PowerPoint® training involves how to use this program with others, such as spreadsheet or database software. Transferring charts and graphs to a PowerPoint® presentation can sometimes require small adjustments for correct sizing and placement in each slide. Some users encounter problems, such as a graph that splits in half across two different slides. Many advanced courses in PowerPoint® include lesser-known tricks and fixes for these kinds of errors.

Graphics make up an area of PowerPoint® training that many business professionals find intimidating if they do not have backgrounds in graphic design. Advanced classes in creating PowerPoint® graphics take out much of the confusion and guesswork by showing students how to use a few certain software tools. The ability to make custom graphics from scratch often makes a company's presentations more memorable than if they were made with the same clip art graphics that are available to everyone.

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